Download PDF: [S] The Justice of Mahmud Ghaznawi

It is mentioned in the book “Roman Empire” that once while Mahmud Ghaznawi was sitting in his court, a poor man appeared and stood respectfully on one side. He then complained to the King that a Turkish soldier had come into his house and had captured his wife. Mahmud Ghaznawi requested him to keep quiet about it and when this soldier entered his house again, he was to come immediately to Mahmud Ghaznawi and inform him.


After three nights, this person again entered the house and the poor person ran to the court of the Mahmud Ghaznawi and informed him. When they arrived at the house, Mahmud Ghaznawi informed everyone to put off their lanterns so that they could catch this person while it was dark.


Mahmud Ghaznawi then informed his soldiers that this person was fit to be killed because he was caught in the act of committing this sin. They then had him killed. Mahmud Ghaznawi then ordered that all the lanterns be lit. When Mahmud Ghaznawi saw the person that had been killed, he immediately fell in Sajdah and gave thanks to Allah Almighty.


Mahmud Ghaznawi asked the person that if there was anything in the house to eat, he would appreciate some food. Since the person was extremely poor, he only had a few pieces of dry bread.


When this was presented to Mahmud Ghanzawi, he partook of this in such a manner as if he had not eaten for a few days. When he was asked the reason for this, he replied, “I was afraid that perhaps one of my sons were guilty of this crime, hence I had ordered the lights be put off so that when I had him killed, I would not be swayed as a father. At times like this, a person becomes blind to true justice. And when this poor person had informed me about this tragedy, I had become so disturbed that I have not eaten for three days.” (Uyunul Hikaayah)