Download PDF: [S] Reward for Serving his Mother

It is reported that once, Nabi Sulayman – peace be upon him – was travelling in the air with his massive army when they crossed over a mighty ocean. He also noticed that the waves were very high due to the immense wind that was passing over the ocean.


Nabi Sulayman – peace be upon him – then stopped his army over the ocean and asked the Jinnaat to dive into the ocean to see whether there was anything unusual inside the depth of the ocean. As each Jinn entered the ocean, they noticed a very unusual looking dome which was sitting at the bottom of the ocean. The entire dome resembled a giant pearl. They also noticed that there was no opening to this dome.


They informed Nabi Sulayman – peace be upon him – about this. He ordered them to remove this dome and place it in front of him. Nabi Sulayman – peace be upon him – was also surprised at how unusual and magnificent this dome looked. He made a special Du’a to Allah Almighty to reveal its secret.


Suddenly, the dome split open and there was a door which appeared on it. When the inside was revealed, they noticed that there was young man in Sajdah.


Nabi Sulayman – peace be upon him – then asked the young man whether he was an Angel or a Jinn. The young man replied that he was a human. Nabi Sulayman – peace be upon him – asked him the reason that he had gained such a magnificent position. He replied, “I have gained this position by being of service to my parents and being kind to them. I used to also serve my mother when she became very old and she once made special Du’a for me which was, “O Allah! Please bestow greatness upon him and after I leave this world, please give him a place which is neither of this world or the heavens.”


“When she passed away, I once walked past the ocean and I noticed a while pearl looking dome near me. When I approached the dome, it suddenly split open. I entered this dome and it suddenly closed from all directions. After that, I have no idea whether I am on earth on in the heavens.


“I also receive sustenance from Allah Almighty while I am inside this dome.”


Nabi Sulayman – peace be upon him – asked him how he received this sustenance and he replied, “When I become hungry, fruits appear on the tree inside the dome and from it a drink which is whiter than milk and sweeter than honey also appears. This is what I am able to eat and drink. When my hunger is satisfied, these things disappear.”


Nabi Sulayman – peace be upon him – then asked him how he recognizes day and night and he replied that when morning arrives, the dome becomes bright and when night appears, the dome becomes dark.


Nabi Sulayman – peace be upon him – then made Du’a and the dome closed like a huge ostrich egg and it once more returned to the bottom of the ocean. (Nawaadir Al Qalyubi)