Download PDF: [S] You cannot Test Allah

Allama ibn Jouzi in his famous treatise, Al Azkiyah, mentions the story of Nabi ‘Isa – peace be upon him. He writes:


Once Nabi ‘Isa – peace be upon him – was approached by Iblis who said to him, “Is it not your claim that whatever happens to you; that is what has been recorded for you?”


Nabi ‘Isa – peace be upon him – replied that this was correct and this is what he had always maintained.


Iblis then said to him, “If this is the case, why do you not throw yourself from the mountain and if Allah Almighty had recorded that you will survive this fall, you will survive this fall and nothing will happen to you.”


However, Nabi ‘Isa – peace be upon him – gave the Satan such a reply which silenced him. Nabi ‘Isa – peace be upon him – replied, “O Cursed One! It is the Divine Right of Allah Almighty to test His creation. However, the creation has no right to test Allah Almighty.”


When Satan heard this reply, he quickly moved away from there.