Download PDF: [S] Wecoming Guests

A person narrates that one day he was walking along a desolate area and forgot the road. At a distance, he could see a house.


He narrates:


When I reached the house, I noticed that there was a Bedouin lady inside the house. When she saw me, she asked, “Who are you?” I replied that I was a guest.


She then presented some food to me and as I was drinking some water, her husband appeared. He then asked her who I was. The lady replied that I was a guest. The husband then declared, “He is not welcomed and he is not lucky. What need do we have for any guest?”


When I heard the words of the husband, I immediately awoke and left the house.


The next day, I saw another house and decided to visit this house. As I presented myself in front of the house, I also met a female villager. She asked me, “Who are you?” I replied that I was guest. However, she replied, “There is no place here for a guest and your presence is not lucky.” Suddenly the husband of this female also appeared. When he saw me, he asked his wife who I was and she replied that I was a guest. He then warmly greeted me and then said, “A guest is certainly welcomed and should think of this house as his house.”


He then presented me with very delicious food and I began to consume this food with great relish. At the same time, I also thought about my experience the previous day and began to smile. He then asked me the reason for my smile and I explained to him what I have experienced the previous day at the house of certain people.


However, when my host heard this story, he was not surprised at all. He said, “The accommodating female whom you had met yesterday, that was my sister and her husband is the brother of my wife. Perhaps, this is the reason that both of them are the same or perhaps, the only reason is that they have been created from the same sand.” (Sunairi Awraaq)