Download PDF: [S] Wazifah for Lost Item

Sayyidi Jafer Nasr Khuldi Baghdadi – may Allah be pleased with him – was considered a very eminent scholar and a Saint that could perform amazing miracles. In his era, he was unmatched in his Ibadah. He had performed over sixty Hajj. He also had a very valuable ring which one day fell into the river Dajlah. However, he also had a very powerful Du’a and when he read this Du’a, he was amazed to find this same ring among some pages of an old book which he had with him.


One should read this Du’a but before doing so, he should Surah Duha three times and then this Du’a. It is also important that one should read the Durood Shareef before and after. It is vitally important that when one reads this Wazifah, he should also have certainty. There are able people who read Wazifah, but they claim that they are unable to see the effects. One of the greatest ways of getting a result is to make sure that you earn Halaal and also consume Halaal.



There are many Du’as which have been given to us by the Awliya and many people are in the habit of reading these. Another important aspect is that we should also make sure we are clean both internally and externally and we should also make sure that we get the permission of some Sheikh prior to us reading this Wazifah. Once one is given permission by a Sheikh then the spiritual benefit of this Wazifah will also appear and the effects would certainly be very amazing. Some of the Awliya merely read a few words and achieved amazing results and all of this was because of the permission they had received.