Download PDF: [S] Three types of Faqeer

Hadrat Sayyiduna Abbas bin Dihaat – may Allah be pleased with him – narrates that this was mentioned to him by Hadrat Sayyiduna Ahmed bin Ziyaat – may Allah be pleased with him.


He narrates, “Once I presented myself in the blessed court of Hadrat Sayyiduna Bishar bin Haarith Haafi – may Allah be pleased with him. He was also explaining about Sabr and Acceptance of Divine Decree. Suddenly a sufi approached him and asked, ‘O Abu Nasr! Are you not being noble and pious in front of people merely to become famous? If you have become complete in Zuhd, then you should divorce yourself from the world and if you accept any gifts from people then your status in their eyes would also be lowered. Whatever you receive from them, this should be spent on the poor and needy and you should hold fast to the rope of Tawakkul. If you perform in this fashion, then you would receive sustenance from the Unseen.’

“When this person had mentioned these words, the Mureeds of the great Saint felt greatly insulted. However, due to the respect they had for the great Saint, they remained silent.


However, the great Saint turned to this person and replied, ‘O slave of Allah, without doubt, there are three categories of Faqeer or poor and needy. The first Faqeer is that person who does not ask anything from anyone. If he receives anything without asking, even this, he does not accept. This person is indeed a very pious person. When he asks for anything from the Divine Court of Allah Almighty, the Divine Creator immediately bestows that need on him. If he swears on any word or speech, Allah Almighty immediately fulfils this.


‘The second type of Faqeer is that person who does not ask for anything but still receives something in return. When he receives anything, he accepts it. These are those who are in the middle stage and they also receive whatever they receive from the Divine Court of Allah Almighty.


‘The third type of Faqeer is that person who is certain in his Sabr and patience. When he has extreme need for anything, he does ask people but still his heart is with the Allah Almighty. In other words, he sincerely believes that he is asking Allah Almighty. In other words, this concentration on the Divine Court and whatever comes from there becomes a Kaffarah for him when asking people. All of these three categories of Faqeers are indeed very successful.’” (Uyunul Hikaayah)