Download PDF: [S] They had Fear for Almighty Allah

It is mentioned that there was once a person who worshipped Allah Almighty for a hundred years. However, on one occasion the Satan deceived him and he left his room to visit his friends and family. One of his old friends then held on to him and took him to his house. He also told him that he had great need for this person because he had some important things to do. The pious person then continued to help this friend of his for seven months.


One night the pious person awoke. He was looking visibly shaken and he also screamed. When they heard his screams, the host came running and asked him what had happened. The pious replied, “While I was sleeping, I saw a young person. He was the most handsome person I have ever seen. His clothes were pure and clean, he said to me, ‘I am the Prophet of Allah. What defect have you seen in Allah Almighty and His Prophet that you have stopped worshipping? Return to your place of Ibadah immediately before you pass away.’”


The pious person returned to his private Ibadah area during the night. He walked like a person who had lost his senses and also drank rain water when he felt thirsty. He consumed mere leaves and continued to utter the words, “O Allah! I admit that my physical being is defective, my tongue is full of sin and my heart is sinful. O that Being Who knows all secrets and that Being who pardons, please pardon me.”


As he neared his private room, he placed one foot forward, he noticed something written in front of him. It was in four lines. It read:

  1. When you relied on Us, We were sufficient for you.
  2. When you decided to choose others, We left you.
  3. When you turned towards us, We accepted you.
  4. When you refrained from sinning, We pardoned you and showed Mercy on you and whatever We have, you wished for that and we blessed you with that. (Nawaadir Al Qalyubi)


One day, while the great Saint, Hadrat Sayyiduna Abu Bakr Shibli – may Allah be pleased with him – was lecturing, he mentioned, “Fear the Divine Awe and Majesty of Allah Almighty.”


There was a young man who was sitting and listening to these words who suddenly screamed out aloud. He also passed away at the same moment. The family members of this young man then approached the Sultan and complained that Hadrat Sayyiduna Abu Bakr Shibli – may Allah be pleased with him – had killed the young man.


The Sultan called Hadrat Sayyiduna Abu Bakr Shibil – may Allah be pleased with him – and asked him what he had to say about this complaint. The great Saint replied, “O Ameerul Mo’mineen! It was a soul which desired (to see its Creator). When it was fed the sweetness of (Divine Love), it accepted this drink. How can I be at fault in this?”


When the leader of the Muslims heard this answer, he himself began to weep and he said to the family members of this young that the great Saint was not at fault. (An Nawaadir Al Qalyubi)