Download PDF: [S] The True Scholars stood their grounds

It is reported that Allama Yaqub bin Ishaq who people knew as Allama Ibnul Sakeet was considered as a major and eminent scholar of his era. He was also the teacher of Mu’azziz billah and Mu’ayyid billah both of whom were the sons of the Sultan in Baghdad Shareef, namely Mutawakkil billah. This scholar also had a very eminent position and was greatly respected in the royal court.


One day, in a show of pride, this same Sultan, Mutawakkil billah, asked him, “Tell me, are these sons of mine more beloved to you than Imam Hasan and Imam Husain – may Allah be pleased with them?”


When Allama Ibnul Sakeet heard this question, he went into a fit of extreme rage and anger and declared to the Sultan, “O Mutawakkil! I swear by Allah Almighty, that even a mere slave of Hadrat Ali – may Allah be pleased with him – is a thousand times more respected and higher in status than both of your sons.”


When he heard this reply, the Sultan was extremely angry and ordered that the tongue of this scholar be pulled out. And eventually, this is the manner in which Allama Ibnul Sakeet was martyred. (Tafseer Ruhul Bayaan, 313)


This is the manner in which the eminent ‘Ulama have always stood for the truth. No amount of punishment or threat could move them away from the right path. Even though this person was someone who was tormented by the leader of the country, yet, he stood firm on his principles and never allowed himself to insult the great Ashaab and the blessed family of the Holy Prophet – may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him-.


Sahl bin Mazaahim admits that, “May Almighty have mercy of Imam Abu Hanifah – may Allah be pleased with him-. On numerous occasions, the world fell at his feet but every-time, he kicked it away. He never allowed himself to accept any position from any wordily person. He actually put up with the whipping in public and this happened on two occasions in his life. However, on both occasions, he refused to accept any wordily position.


“On the first occasion, he was offered the position of Chief Justice by the Ummayad leader, Umar bin Hubairah, but he refused to accept this position. This person then ordered that he be whipped a hundred times and finally, he was released. It is reported that he was given ten lashes a day. Even during these times, he used to always say that it was better to accept this punishment than to accept the position given to him by a tyrant.


“On the second occasion, again he was offered this position by the Abbasid Khalifah Mansur. In fact he was called into the palace of this person and offered this position. He was then forced to accept this position but refused. He then mentioned, ‘I swear by Allah Almighty that I will never accept this position.’ Someone asked him why he was swearing on the Divine Name of Allah Almighty without fearing the Khalifah and still he insisted that he was prepared to give Kaffarah for this this, but was not prepared to work for the government.


“When the Khalifah asked him again, he said that he was unfit for this this position and again the Khalifah said that he was liar. He mentioned that if he was a liar as per the opinion of the Khalifah, this clearly made him unfit for the job.


“He was then ordered to be jailed and he spent his last few days in jail. He passed away in 150 A.H. and he was seventy years old at the time. When Imaamul Hadith, ibn Juraij – may Allah be pleased with him – heard about his passing, he took a deep breath and said, “What immense knowledge has been taken away from this world.”