Download PDF: [S] The Test of the Fire Worshipper who Accepted Islam

It is recorded that during the blessed era of Hadrat Sayyiduna Malik in Dinar – may Allah be pleased with him – there were two brothers who used to worship fire.


One day, the young brother said to the elder brother, “We are people who continue to worship fire. I have worshipped it for so many years and you have worshipped it for some many years. Come let us see whether this fire which we worship is able to burn us as it burns other objects or people who do not worship it. If it does not burn us, we will continue to worship it and if it harms us, then we will stop worshipping it.”


After they had lit the fire, the younger brother said, “Will you place your hand in the fire before me or should I place my hand in the fire first?”


The elder brother stated that the younger brother should place his hand first. When the younger brother placed his hand forward, his one finger was burnt. He then removed his hand in disgust and mentioned that he had worshipped this fire for so many years but it still harmed him. He said to his elder brother, “Come let us worship such a deity for five years and then reject it for five years and then see what will happen.”


They then decided to look for someone who will be able to help and guide them in this regard. Both of them then decided that they will approach Hadrat Sayyiduna Malik bin Dinar – may Allah be pleased with him – for guidance as he was one of the most famous people in the area.


As they travelled, they found Hadrat Sayyiduna Malik bin Dinar – may Allah be pleased with him – in the outskirts of Basrah sitting among the common people and giving them advice. When they saw him, the elder brother stated, “I have made my decision not to become a Muslim. Another reason is that I have worshipped the fire for many years and if I change my religion, my family will become highly displeased by this. I am also more fearful of their displeasure than the fire itself.”


The young brother replied, “Do not take this decision. The insults of these people are only for a short while, while worshipping the fire carries a punishment which will never end.”


However, the elder brother refused to heed this advice and returned home.


The young brother then entered the blessed court of Hadrat Sayyiduna Malik bin Dinar – may Allah be pleased with him – with his wife and children and asked him to guide them towards Islam. After they accepted Islam, the great Saint informed them that before they returned home, he was going to collect something from his Mureeds for them so that they will be able to survive. However, the young man replied that he had no need for this in spite of the fact that they were extremely poor.


He then came to a very old house on the outskirts of the town and decided to settle in this house. In the morning, his wife asked him to go to town and look for some work so that they would be able to survive. However, the young man instead of going to town, used to enter a Masjid in outskirts of this area and spend the entire day in Ibadah.


When he went home in the evening, his wife asked him whether he had acquired anything and he replied, “Today, I worked for the King but he has not given me anything and He mentioned that he will pay me tomorrow.”


That night, they all slept hungry. The next day, he again went to the bazaar and on this day also, he found no job. He again spent the entire day in Ibadah. When he returned home, he mentioned to his family that the King had promised him that he will be paid on Friday.


On Friday, he went to town but could not find any job and decided to spend the entire day in Ibadah. As the day began to end, he recited two rak’ah of Nafil Salaah and raised his hands towards the heavens and said, “O Allah! There is no doubt that You have blessed me with the gift of Islam and have allowed me to wear the crown of guidance. Through the Barakah of this and the Barakah of this day, please remove the burden from me of taking care of my family. I will also be ashamed in front of my family and since they are new Muslims, I fear that their hearts might change.”


During the time of Jumu’ah, on the other side of the town, as his family was suffering from immense hunger, someone knocked on the door. His wife opened the door. She noticed a very handsome looking person standing at the front door. He was holding a golden tray and the contents on this tray was covered in a golden cloth. He mentioned to the lady, “Please accept this and please inform your husband that this is his wages for his two days of work. If he works more, his wages will be even more.”


The wife then accepted this tray. She took one Dinaar from this tray and went to the money changer in town. The money changer was a Christian. When he noticed this gold coin, he was extremely surprised and mentioned that he had never seen such a coin before. He asked the lady to explain and when she informed him about how she had received these coins, he asked her to become a witness that he had accepted Islam. He then handed her a thousand Ashrafis and informed her that when this is finished, she was welcome to come and get some more money.


The lady was extremely pleased and purchased some food to prepare for the entire family. On the other side, the husband was still extremely worried because he had no yet achieved any work or money to purchase any food. It was also the time of Maghrib. After Maghrib, he took a piece of cloth which he had with him and placed some sand in this after completing two rak’ah of Nafil Salaah. He then thought to himself that if his wife asks him what is in this cloth, he will inform her that it is flour to make some bread and this was his actual wages.


However, when he rerached home, he was shocked to see that everything in his house had changed. He could also smell food in his house. When he asked his wife about what had happened, she explained everything to him. He then made Sajdah and thanked Allah Almighty for this Divine Grace. He then decided to empty the sand which he had placed in his piece of cloth but when he opened the cloth, he noticed that it was actually bread flour. He again made sajdah to Allah Almighty for this Great Grace. (Al Qalyubi)