Download PDF: [S] The Tests faced by Nabi Ayub

It is reported that when the time came near for various trials and tribulations upon Nabi Ayub – peace be upon him – Jibra’eel Ameen – peace be upon him – appeared in front of him and said, “O Ayub! Very soon, Your Lord is about to send such tests upon you that if they were revealed on a mountain, the mountain would never be able to cope or bear this.”


Nabi Ayub – peace be upon him – replied, “If I continue to have a strong connection with Allah Almighty, then certainly I will make Sabr until it is said about me that this is indeed a strange creation.”


Suddenly, he heard a Voice say to him, “O Ayub! Prepare yourself for My test and continue to display patience until My Divine Command appears to you.”


It is said that one of the main reason that these tests and tribulations descended upon Nabi Ayub – peace be upon him – was due to the jealousy of Satan. All of this was due to the immense hatred and envy the Satan had for him. Satan also tried on many occasions to mislead him but could not succeed.

One day, Satan announced to Allah Almighty that the only reason that Nabi Ayub – peace be upon him – was such an obedient slave of Allah Almighty was because he had immense wealth, children and sustenance but if Allah Almighty took all of this away from Nabi Ayub – peace be upon him – then certainly this Prophet would not be obedient to the Divine Command of Allah Almighty.


Allah Almighty then informed Satan that he should go himself and inspect the state of Nabi Ayub – peace be upon him – and he will certainly find him a most obedient slave of Allah Almighty.


On the first day, all the children of Nabi Ayub – peace be upon him – were taken away from him, however he continued to make even more Ibadah.


On the second day, all his goods and property were burnt and when this happened he declared, “Everything comes from Him. If He wishes, He can take it away and if He wishes, He can give it back.”


On the third day, the Satan blew on his body when he was reading the Fajr Salaah. He suddenly became ill and major boils appeared on his body. However, both internally and externally, none of these things moved him away from the Dhikr of Allah Almighty and obedience to Allah Almighty.


When his children and wealth had been destroyed, he stated, “All Praise is for Allah Almighty Who has chosen me for His Ibadah. He has also blessed me with His special grace and mercy and did not keep me occupied in anything else.”


It is mentioned that Nabi Ayub – peace be upon him – continued to make the Ibadah of Allah Almighty and continued to give thanks to Allah Almighty. (Ar Rouad Al Faa’iq)


There is no doubt that test and trial reveals the true identity of a person. As for those who claim to love Allah Almighty, very soon, their actual reality will be revealed. It is mentioned that Nabi Ayub – peace be upon him – faced nearly seventy thousand tests. But he continued to give thanks and continued to make Sabr. He never once complained. Today, we are people who cannot even bear it when a small thorn pricks us and we continue to complain.


Look at this Prophet whose children, wealth and health were taken away from him but he continued to serve Allah Almighty. Finally, it was told to him, “O Ayub! You have displayed patience in the face of such immense test, therefore, we will return your children to you and your wealth and We will also once again bring your physical body to its original state. Your name shall also be recorded in the Final Book (the Qur’an) and your name shall also be recorded among the beloved servants of Allah.”


He was then shown a special spring and through these waters, all the boils on his body disappeared. This is mentioned in Surah Saad, verse 42.