Download PDF: [S] Someone who displays Miracles

One day, the same tyrant ruler, Muhammad Tughlaq, began to say to his subjects in a fit of pride and arrogance the following words and he was also someone who did not think twice of changing the laws of Islam to suit himself.


He said, “Since the Divine Grace of Allah Almighty has not ceased, how can the Prophetic grace cease? Therefore, if there is someone who displays miracles, shall we not believe that person (as being a Prophet).”


When he mentioned these words, there was also another Islamic scholar in this gathering who bravely spoke out, “What type of filth seems to appear from your mouth.”


The name of this Moulana was Moulana Amaadudeen. When the Sultan heard this reply, he ordered that this scholar be killed. In fact, the tongue of this scholar was pulled out and he was then killed.


There are hundreds of ‘Ulama of this nature who gained martyrdom merely for speaking the truth. There is no doubt that these people will always be remembered in the pages of Islam as people who stood for the truth and never allowed truth to be hidden. It is through them that the religion of Islam continued to be displayed as a religion of justice and truth.


There will always be ‘Ulama who continue to speak the truth no matter what the consequences. Someone has said, “This religion of light is alive through the breath of those who gave their lives for it. May there be a hundred Durood and Salaam upon their souls.”