Download PDF: [S] Nabi Moosa killed a Qibti

We will all know that Nabi Moosa – peace be upon him – grew up in the palace of Pharaoh. However, when he grew into a young man, he was unhappy with the behaviour of Pharaoh and his community, who were called Qibtis, against the people of the Bani Isra’eel. Nabi Moosa – peace be upon him – also started to object about this type of attitude and because of this Pharaoh and his people became his enemies.


Nabi Moosa – peace be upon him – then decided to stay on his own in seclusion, firstly to protect himself against these people, and secondly, so that he could also secretly protect his people.


Once during midday, Nabi Moosa – peace be upon him – secretly entered the town and began to walk around. This was also the time when due to the immense heat, most people were sleeping. As he walked around, he saw an argument which was taking place between a Qibti and one of his people. When the person from the Bani Isra’eel saw him, he asked him for help. Nabi Moosa – peace be upon him, in a fit of anger, then killed this Qibti.


He also felt a deep sense of regret for killing this person and sought pardon from Allah Almighty. The Qibtis then informed Pharaoh of what had happened and they started to look for the murderer and any witness in this regard. That night, Nabi Moosa – peace be upon him – stayed hidden because people were looking for him.


The next day, when Nabi Moosa – peace be upon him – walked around, he saw the same Isra’eeli arguing with another Qibti. He then severely reprimanded this person for bringing trouble not only to himself but to those who came to his assistance. Be that as it may, Nabi Moosa – peace be upon him – still helped this person and while this was going on,  this same Isra’eeli began to scream, “O Moosa! Do you wish to kill me as you killed a person yesterday. If seems like you do not wish for peace and security?”


At that moment, a person came running and informed Nabi Moosa – peace be upon him – that the Qibtis were already planning to kill him and that he should immediately leave the city. This person also informed Nabi Moosa – peace be upon him – that he was also one his well-wishers.


Nabi Moosa – peace be upon him – then left this city and migrated to a place called “Madeen”. There he met Nabi Shuhaib – peace be upon him – and eventually married his daughter, Bibi Safurah -may Allah be pleased with her.


Interestingly, the young man who had warned Nabi Moosa – peace be upon him – about the secret plot to kill him was a person named Hazqeel or Sham’un or Sam’an. He was also the cousin of Pharaoh. He had also brought Imaan on Nabi Moosa – peace be upon him – prior to this. (Tafseer Saawi 3/177)


This incident also educates us about the great trials and tests that the Prophets had to endure when spreading the message of truth. However, they never allowed anything to disrupt their steadfastness and firmness. As for their enemies, all of them died a most ignoble death.