Download PDF: [S] Which is the True Religion

It is mentioned that one day a person decided to inspect which was the true religion. Since he was a master calligrapher, he decided to write each book in the best of calligraphy.


After he had completed the Taurah, he presented it to the Jewish elders. When they saw the beautiful manner in which he had written the Taurah they gave him a special gift as a token of appreciation.


Thereafter, he presented the Injeel to the Christian scholars. When they saw the immense amount of hard work which he had put into this effort, they also gave him a large reward by purchasing this copy from him. Bear in mind that none of these people actually inspected the calligraphy.


He then presented his work of art to the Muslims and when they saw his copy, they gave him a beating. They presented him in front of the ruler and accused the person of altering the Holy Qur’an. The ruler then ordered that he put to death. When this was announced, only then did the person reveal the actual story. He said that he himself was a Muslim and he had only done this to prove which religion was the correct and unaltered religion and this he had now proven this beyond a shadow of doubt. He also stated that this proves that Allah Almighty had certainly protected the Holy Qur’an because no one could actually alter even a single letter in the Qur’an. (Safwatut Tafaasir, Imam Saabuni)