Download PDF: [S] What Idol Worship can lead to

It is mentioned that the nation of Nabi Nuh – peace be upon him – eventually became idol worshippers and they worshipped five famous idols. The names of these idols were Wadda, Suwaa’an, Yaghus, Ya’uq and Nasran.


As Nabi Nuh – peace be upon him – continued to speak against these idols, these people continued to propagate these idols in the town. They spread the news of worshipping these idols in the market places. They also continued to oppress and torment Nabi Nuh – peace be upon him.


This is mentioned in the 2nd ruku of Surah Nur.


Who were these five idols?


Hadrat Sayyiduna Urwah bin Zubair – may Allah be pleased with him – explains that these were the five sons of Nabi Adam – peace be upon him. They were extremely pious and religious. The people also had a high regard and very high respect for these five sons. When the five of them died, the people were extremely depressed. The Satan then appeared to these people and advised them to make a picture or a symbol of their appearance and in this way, they could also feel at ease. These people then made statues of these people using copper and lead and kept it in their worship areas. They continued to visit these statutes for a few days. A few years later, people then began to worship these statutes as gods and they refused to worship the Allah Almighty. (Tafseer Saawi)


How did idol worship begin?


Nabi Nuh – peace be upon him – continued to preach to the people for nearly nine hundred years and continued to prohibit them from worshipping idols. Finally, the flood appeared and all of them were destroyed. However, the Satan still did not refrain from his evil plots and plans and he continued to teach people about worshipping idols in every era. This appeared as we have mentioned in that, in the beginning, people merely made statues or pictures of these pious people and then slowly, through the evil whisperings of the Satan, they began to worship these statues and pictures. In this manner, Shirk and idol-worship spread in the entire world and belief in the One Divine Creator was also something which was accepted by very few people. This is the reason that Prophets continued to arrive in every era so that they could prohibit people from worshipping these idols until the final and last Prophet – may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him. When the Holy Prophet – may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him – arrived, idol-worship which was once a world religion, suddenly began to disappear.


At the same time, knowing the cause of this, the Holy Prophet – may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him – and Islam as a religion then banned all pictures and the creation of all statues. Islam has made all of these things Haraam. The Holy Prophet – may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him – also commanded that no pictures of humans or animals are allowed in Islam. He also commanded that if and when we see these pictures, they should be destroyed.


Yet, sadly, in the present time, we see that a lot of so-called Peers and so-called Spiritual Masters actually encourage their disciples to keep their photos. We also see that some of these people actually take out these pictures of their Peers on some special occasion and some of them actually place flowers or garlands of flowers around the neck of these pictures and some even make sure that sweet scent such as agarbatti and such like things are blown over these pictures. Some even take this smoke in their hands and rub it over their faces. If these people are not stopped by the ‘Ulama, then there is also a great possibility that these people would again fall into the trap of the Satan. The reason is that if these types of actions are not stopped, what guarantee do we have that the children of these people do not start to worship these pictures out of ignorance and Jahaalat?


One should bear in mind that as the Holy Prophet – may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him – pulled out the roots of idol-worship from the ground and destroyed its very foundation, in the present era, these Jaahil Peers are once again trying to grow the tree of idol-worship among their Mureeds. There can also be no hope of these fake Peers saying anything against this action because they are only out there to make money and fill their bank balances.


However, we have great hope that the rightly guided ‘Ulama would stop this type of action through  their words and their actions. It has always been seen in history that whenever the waves of ignorance in such matters reared its ugly head, it was the rightful ‘Ulama who stood up against this type of Jahaalat and once more brought the Ummah to the right path.


What is the remedy for this in this era? It is also a tragedy that certain dollar-happy Peers have also sadly bought off a few dollar-hungry Moulanas who sing the tune of these Jaahil Peers. These same ignorant leaders of Islam then start to call these fake Peers Babas and Majzubs and go around propagating such people in their functions and gatherings. They are only doing this to fill their pockets. Whenever a rightly guided scholar speaks about this immense Jahaalat, then he becomes a target of these ignorant Peers and their even more ignorant Mureeds. We have always asked the ‘Ulama to condemn these fake Peers some of whom do not even have a proper beard. It is important that the ‘Ulama take heed of this or else, we have no idea as to what type of Jahaalat it would lead to. Remember that these fake Peers, who have no knowledge of religion, are misguided and are misguiding others as well. As far as the common Muslims are concerned, they should join the rightly guided ‘Ulama and condemn these fake Peers and their fake Silsilas. Remember that the strength of the Ahle Sunnah wa Jamaah is not only the responsibility of the ‘Ulama but also the responsibility of the common Sunnis as well.


We also make Du’a that the Allah Almighty protects and guides the Ahle Sunnah wa Jamaah and protect them against this poison from within. Ameen.