Download PDF: [S] Total Reliance on Allah

Hadrat Sayyiduna Malik bin Dinaar – may Allah be pleased with him – narrates:


Once, when I left my house to perform the Hajj, on the road, I noticed a crow that was flying with a piece of bread in its beak. I then said to myself that this is something very strange and there must be some secret and wisdom behind this. I decided to follow this crow. It then entered a cave. I noticed that when it entered the cave, there was a person inside this cave whose legs and hands were tied. As I watched, this same crow began to feed this person the bread which it had brought. It then flew away. I then asked this person, “Who are you and where have you come from?”


He replied, “I was among the people who had come for Hajj. However the thieves had stolen all my belongings and then tied me and left me in this desolate cave. I remained hungry for nearly five days. Finally, I made Du’a that indeed Allah Almighty is the Divine Creator who comes to the help and assistance of those who call out to Him and in times of great problems, He shows immense Mercy to them. I also asked Him to help me in this state. In His Infinite Mercy, Allah Almighty sent this crow to me which has fed me and also brought water to me.”


I then opened the rope and freed this person. As we walked along, we began to feel extreme thirst and there seemed be no water around. Suddenly, at a great distance, we noticed that there was a well which could be seen. We also noticed that there were many gazelles that were drinking from this well. We then thanked Allah Almighty for His Great Mercy that He had blessed us with water.


As we approached the well, all the gazelles ran off and the water had receded into the depths of the well. I then pulled out some water with a bucket which was nearby and then said, “O Allah! These gazelles do not make Ruku nor do they make Sajdah, but You allowed the water of this well to rise. However, we who have travelled such a long distance, we have to pull out water ourselves.”


Suddenly I heard a Voice declared, “O Malik bin Dinaar! Without doubt these gazelles have relied upon us, hence we fed them water ourselves but you people have relied on a bucket and rope.” (Qalyubi)