Download PDF: [S] They Stopped him without making Fitnah

The father of Mohamed Asadi, whose name was Abu Bakr, narrates:


The year in which I went for Hajj, in that year also, the two famous scholars of Shari’ah, namely, Imam Abul Qasim Al Baghwi – may Allah be pleased with him – and Imam Abu Bakr Al Aadami Al Qaari – may Allah be pleased with him – were also there for Hajj. After completing the Hajj, we all then decided to travel to Madina Shareef.


Once, Imam Abul Qasim Al Baghwi – may Allah be pleased with him – approached me and said, “O Abu Bakr! In one corner of the blessed Masjid, there is a blind man who has decided to have his own classes. However, he is making people listen to complete false narrations and Ahadith which are completely unauthentic. Why do we not enter these classes and stop this person for going any further.”


I replied, “O Abul Qasim! At this moment in time, we are not so famous and established that people would listen to our words and not so well known that people will leave these classes and attend to us. At the same time, we are not in the city of Baghdad where we are known to everyone. We are just travellers in this blessed city and there is no reason why people should listen to us. In fact, we should look for another method of solving this problem.”


I then took the hand of Imam Abu Bakr Al Aadami – may Allah be pleased with him, who was considered an expert reader of the Qur’an, and advised him to start with some type of Qirah. As he began to recite the Qur’an, slowly people began to leave the classes of the blind man and gather around him. They also began to enjoy the manner in which they heard the Qur’an being recited.


A few minutes later, everyone had left the classes of the blind man and everyone had joined our gathering. When the blind man realised what had happened, he turned to his advisor and mentioned, “Take my hand and lead me home, in this manner, blessings is decreased.’” In other words, he realised that people had lost faith in him and he mentioned these words in a fit of jealousy.


Another important factor that should be borne in mind is the wise manner in which these learned people had destroyed this fitnah. There is no doubt that wisdom is the lost treasure of a Muslim and wherever he finds it, he should definitely pick it up. This is what is meant when it said that you should speak to people according to their intellect. If they had approached this person and started an argument, it would not have ended in this manner. This should be the method adopted by the Sunnis in the present age. We know that there are plenty of fitnah going around, but, we should look at a very wise method of defeating this fitnah around.


It does not mean that if a non-Sunni is wearing a white kurtah, we must also wear a white kurtah. What is important is that; the manner which we adopt should be much wiser and strategic. Our advice is we have forgotten to look at the manner of the Awliyah. In this day and age of poverty and hunger, the most important factor is to feed people irrespective of their religion. This was one of greatest methods adopted by Hadrat Sayyiduna Khawaja Ghareeb Nawaaz – may Allah be pleased with him – and looked at what he achieved. Which organization in the Muslim can say that they have converted over a million people to Islam?