Download PDF: [S] The Wealth of both the Worlds

It is reported that there was once a pious person among the Bani Isra’eel and his wife was also considered a pious lady.


One day, Allah Almighty sent a message to the Prophet of that period that he was to inform this couple that He had destined that half their life would be spend in poverty and half their life would be spent while they would be wealthy. He had also destined that they were to choose which part of their life they wanted to be rich and which part they wanted to be poor.


In other words, their choice of been poor and rich was to be divided between their old or their young age. They were to choose which part of their existence they wanted these attributes. The Prophet of that era then conveyed the Divine Message of Allah Almighty to these people.


When they heard the message the husband looked at the wife and asked her what she would be happy with. However, she mentioned that perhaps it would be better for him to first decide. He then said, “I believe that we should choose poverty while we are still young. The reason is that during this time, we will have the physical power to worship Allah Almighty and when I become old and rich, we will be able to feed ourselves because we would be wealthy and also be able to worship Allah Almighty.”


His wife replied, “If we become poor while young, we will be constantly hungry and therefore not be able to worship Allah Almighty. We will also not be able to give charity while we are young. Yes, on the other hand, if we are rich while young, our bodies will be strong and healthy and we will be able to properly make the worship of Allah Almighty.”


Her husband preferred her opinion over his and informed the Prophet of their decision.


When their view was presented in the Divine Court of Allah Almighty, Allah Almighty sent a message to this Prophet, “When both of you have agreed to constantly make Ibadah to Me and the intention of both are honest, I will destine that you remain wealthy your entire life. Therefore, both of you should perform Ibadah and continue to give charity and the share of both of this would be given to you in this world and the next.” (Nawaadir, Al Qalyubi)