Download PDF: [S] The Wasila of ‘Aashurah Cures a Crippled Girl

It is said that there once there lived a very wealthy person in Basra. On the Day of ‘Aashurah he gathered his family and spent most this day reading the Holy Qur’an and making the Dhikr of Allah azza wajal. This also continued throughout the night.


He used to also feed everyone and went out of his way to take care of the poor and destitute and the widows. He also had a neighbour who happened to have a daughter that was crippled. She asked her father, “Why do these neighbour of ours celebrate this occasion every year and during the evening they all gather together to read the Qur’an and make Dhikr.”


Her father informed her that this was due to the occasion of ‘Aashurah which had a very lofty status with Allah azza wajal and it possesses many excellences.


When everyone in her house had gone to sleep, his daughter stayed awake that night and listened to the Qur’an and Dhikr being read until the time of Sehri. When this had been completed, the people also lifted their hands and began to make Du’a. This girl also lifted her her hands and made Du’a, “O Allah! With the Barakah of this night and with the Wasila of those who spent the entire night in making Your Dhikr, please bestow health upon me and remove my illness and remove the sadness from my heart.”


While she was making this Du’a, suddenly her paralysed condition disappeared and she stood up. When her father saw this, he was shocked and asked her how this had happened. She replied, “Allah azza wajal has bestowed upon me His Divine Mercy and when I presented the Wasila of this blessed night in His Divine Court, all my troubles and problems disappeared.”


O Muslims! To achieve maximum benefit, consider these moments as very valuable because such blessed moments are certainly very few and in between. Consider the moments when you are well as being precious and take full advantage of them. We should bear in mind that these moments of health can suddenly turn to moments of sickness. Your age is fast disappearing. There is a possibility that there is trial and tribulation in store for you. Very soon, you will be placed in a dark hole where there will be no friends or family. What happens if you are not pardoned and the Allah azza wajal does not display His Mercy upon you? What will be your state? Will you be able to walk along the Pulsiraat without slipping into Hell? How long will you continue to follow your nafs and carnal desires? Is it not time that you awoke from your slumber? (Ar Roud)