Download PDF: [S] The ‘Ulama have Fear of Allah

Hadrat Sayyiduna Abdullah ibn Mubarak – may Allah be pleased with him – was asked as to who were the real humans. He replied that it was the ‘Ulama.


He was asked who the real rulers of the world were. He replied those people who have no interest in the world.


He was then asked about those who were considered as disgraceful and despicable people. He replied that they are those who sell their religion.


Without doubt that by explaining such important qualities of people, Hadrat Sayyiduna Abdullah ibn Mubarak – may Allah be pleased with him – was showing us a path or road of how to recognize the proper leaders from the false leaders.


There is also no doubt that in the Qur’an Allah Almighty also clearly declared that the among His servants, the people that really fear Him are the ‘Ulama. Hence, there is a possibility that people would get confused and start to believe that every so-called scholar fears Allah Almighty when in reality, the great Saint had indicated who are those who really fear Him.


The actual essence of knowledge is such which does not allow itself to be substituted by any other item or entity. In other words, knowledge is merely for the sake of knowledge and nothing else. Therefore, anyone who uses knowledge to acquire something else will be disgraced even though he might be financially very powerful or strong.


It is reported that once when Hadrat Sayyiduna Abdullah ibn Mubarak – may Allah be pleased with him – went for Hajj, the entire population of men come out to meet him. Their purpose was to gain Barakah from his presence. In fact, it is said that in Mecca Shareef itself, only the women and children remained. At the time also, the wife of Sultan Harun Rashid was also in Mecca Shareef was present in the blessed city and inquired about this strange atmosphere and environment. She inquired as to why no men folk could be seen anywhere. She was told that the men folk had gone out of the city to welcome a scholar from Khurasan, namely Hadrat Sayyiduna Abdullah ibn Mubarak – may Allah be pleased with him.


She was extremely surprised when she heard these words and remarked that since the hearts of people were so connected with the ‘Ulama; the kings were merely people who ruled people by force while the rightly-guided ‘Ulama ruled the hearts of people. In fact, she slapped her hand on the wall and declared, “The souls of people are ruled by the ‘Ulama and this is true leadership. The rule of Harun Rashid is not real because he has to use force to govern people.”


The eminent scholar also spent time acquiring knowledge at the feet of Imam A’zam, Imam Abu Hanifah – may Allah be pleased with him. One day the great Imam asked him the reason for his repentance earlier in life. At first he was embarrassed but finally related, “One day I was sitting with a few friends in a certain garden with a female singer and we continued eating and drinking until the late evening. I was also very fond of music and spent the entire night listening to music. At the time of Sehri, I dozed off. However, as I slept, a bird landed on my head and began to recite the 16th verse of Surah Hadeed which is:




“Has not the time come for the believers to surrender their hearts to Allah’s remembrance

and to this truth that has come down? And do not be like those who were earlier given

the Book(s) and when a long term passed over them, their hearts became hardened; and

many of them are sinners.”


“In my dream, I said why not. When I awoke, my heart had completely changed and was full of fear for the Allah Almighty. I then broke all the musical instruments which I had with me and all the desires of this word disappeared from my heart.”


Hadrat Sayyiduna Abdullah ibn Mubarak – may Allah be pleased with him – continued to increase in knowledge and Taqwa until he began one of the greatest luminaries of Islam. As a matter of fact, he is also considered as one of the main pillars or foundations in this regard.


In various generations, people have continued to follow and respect him. (Zindah Jaawed)


The Holy Prophet – may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him – has also indicated that those who were good by nature in the days of ignorance are also those who will be good after accepting Islam. This is when they acquire knowledge. In other words, the inner nature of a person in his qualities of goodness and nobility does not necessarily change.