Download PDF: [S] The Signs of a True Muslim

Hadrat Sayyiduna Awfah bin Walham – may Allah be pleased with him – narrates that Hadrat Sayyiduna Ali – may Allah be pleased with him – has stated that, “Seek knowledge so that through this, you will be recognized. Practise upon this knowledge so that you will become entitled for this knowledge. Without doubt, after you, there will come a time when nine parts of truth will become hidden and in that time only those people will be successful who will remain separate from people and will live in seclusion. These are the people who are guided and they are the light of guidance and the true leaders. These are people who are not guilty of spreading untruth, frivolous spending and who are not hasty (in their decision process). They have turned away from the world and for them, the Hereafter stands before them.


“There are two groups of people who are present, those who love this world and those who love the Hereafter. You should be among those who prefer the Hereafter. Do not become among those who only love this world. Those who have turned away from the world, they have made the world their mat, the sand their shawl and mere water as their fragrance. That person who desires Jannah, they should refrain from carnal desires. That person who fears the Fire of hell, he should always refrain from Haraam. That person who turns away from the world, difficulties become easy for him to handle.


“Listen carefully! There are certain lucky people who are able to see the blessings of Jannah and the Fire of hell in front of them. These people do not spread fitnah and fasaad. People are safe from them. Their hearts are full of sadness. They are noble and pure people. They have very few needs. They remain patience in the face of trouble so that they can travel easy in the Hereafter.


“They spend the night in the remembrance of the Almighty Allah and stand during the night in the Divine Court of the Almighty Allah. The also shed tears in His Divine Court. They continue to make Du’a, ‘O Allah! Protect us from the Fire of Hell and from its prison.’


“When daylight appears, they become the best among the ‘Ulama, steadfast and firm and are a source of guidance for people. Their physical state is such that when people look at them, they appear to be not well, yet they have no sickness. They may seem to be people who are insane, yet these are people who will have no fear on the Day of Judgement.” (Uyunul Hikaayah)