Download PDF: [S] The Serpent who spoke eloquently

Hadrat Sayyiduna Haamid Aswad – may Allah be pleased with him – narrates that, “I once heard Hadrat Sayyiduna Ebrahim Khawwas – may Allah be pleased with him – explain to me, ‘The state of absolute reliance on Allah Almighty began when I was once travelling in the wild. I also began to love this lonely and desolate area. I stayed at a certain spot for three days and three nights. However, on the fourth day, I began to feel extreme hunger and thirst and suffered from extreme weakness. As a human, I also began to have certain doubts about where my sustenance would come from. As I was suffering from this discomfort and fear, four serpents suddenly appeared in front of me.


A strange sound also appeared from these serpents which was extremely sad and disquieting.  I have never heard such a sound before. I began to weep. They then surrounded me. The leader among them then came near and said to me in an eloquent manner. He said, “O Ebrahim! Are you doubtful about your Creator, Allah Almighty?” I said that certainly not, I was never in any doubt.


It then asked me why was I doubtful about where my sustenance would appear from. I became shocked that these serpents knew my inner state. I asked them who had revealed to them about my inner state. It replied, “It was revealed by that Creator Who is always with us. Listen! We are from four different areas on earth and have gathered together to establish real Tawakkul (or reliance on Allah Almighty). I replied, “There is no doubt that this is extremely necessary and I have also displayed Tawakkul in matters pertaining to food and drink and in most times, I am always hungry and thirsty.”


It then said, “O Ebrahim! There are certain special slaves of Allah Almighty whose mere remembrance of their Creator satisfies their hunger and through this Dhikr, their hunger also disappears. Thereafter, they do not concern themselves with anything which ordinary people are concerned about to survive. They never worry about their sustenance which would normally worry another person if he does not receive it. Yes, they only fear fitnah and fasaad.”


When I heard the eloquent speech of this serpent, I was certainly shocked and surprised. I then said to myself, “Glory be to Allah Almighty. How eloquent are the words of this serpent and I am able to understand these words so easily.”


I then again began to weep while I was thinking in this manner. The serpent again spoke, “O Ebrahim! Do not become involved in secret thoughts. Do you look down on any creature of Allah Almighty? Without doubt, the same Creator has blessed me with the power of speech Who created Nabi Adam – peace be upon him – from sand. You are becoming surprised at my words and speech? What is even more surprising is that we have appeared in front of you (in one moment) which would normally take months to travel. There is no doubt that our Supreme Creator has allowed us to appear at this place.”


I was even more surprised and again asked the serpent, “What is the reason that among these four serpents, you are the only one who is speaking and the rest are silent?”


It replied, “O Abu Ishaaq! There is no doubt that between the Creator and the creation, there is a veil. Among the creation, there are those who are close to others. Some are leaders, some are students and some are seekers. The rest of these serpents have nominated me as their leader and have surrendered themselves to me. Therefore, I am their leader and their spokesperson. Listen carefully to me. If there is a leader among you and suddenly someone else desires leadership, then very soon, the Barakah will disappear. One of the greatest reasons for having no success is when those below seek to overpower the leader. When you see people talking how they wish to speak to their leader and the leader is also happy with this, then remember that very soon, the Barakah will also be taken away from this gathering.”


Hadrat Sayyiduna Ebrahim Khawwas – may Allah be pleased with him – continues, “After saying these words, the four serpents then suddenly disappeared. I stayed at this desolate place for another forty days. What I was able to see in those days was something which could not be described. Another amazing thing is that in those forty days, I did not feel and experience hunger and had no need for anything else. I did not sleep for those forty days and at times, I performed Salaah with one Wudu for many days. In fact this area was so desolate that one could not find attachment to anything whatsoever. After forty days, one morning, these four serpents again appeared in front of me. They greeted me and I also returned the greeting. The first serpent who was the leader then spoke, ‘O Abu Ishaaq! Within those forty days, we have made Du’a that the Allah Almighty would grace you with the sustenance of the Siddiqeen. And now, we leave your state in the Divine Court of Allah Almighty.’


“They then threw a few narcissus flowers at me which they had in their mouths. As I retrieved these flowers from the floor and looked up, they had disappeared. I felt extreme sadness at their disappearance. I stayed at this place for another forty days and it was a very strange moment. I felt no need to eat or drink and from my very being an extremely sweet fragrance also amanated which even filled the entire valley. This was the first of the many unusual experiences which I encountered through the Divine Grace of Allah Almighty and many unusual things were revealed to me.” (Uyunul Hikaayah)