Download PDF: [S] The Secret of the pious Slave

Hadrat Abul Abbas Sheikh Shahaabudeen Ahmed bin Salaamah – may Allah be pleased with him – in the “Nawaadir Al Qalyubi” writes:


There was once a person who purchased a certain slave. The slave said to his master, “O my master! I wish to request three things from you. The first thing is that when the time of Salaah appears, I am given permission to perform the Salaah and I am not stopped from this. The second condition is that during the day, I will serve you but during the night, please allow me to serve myself. The third condition is that you allocate me a small room where no one can enter except for me.”


His master accepted all of these conditions. His master then went around the yard and the slave choose the poorest room to live in.


The master asked him why he had chosen such an old and dilapidated room and which was completely empty. He replied, “O my master! Are you not aware that an empty place becomes filled when there is the Dhikr of Allah in it.”


The slave then began to live in this old and empty room. It so happened that one night, his master had a huge and wild party. Drinks were flowing freely. He so happened to peer into the room where his slave was staying. He did all of this when everyone had left his house. As he looked into the room he was shocked to see that there was light which was hanging in the room from the top to the bottom. In fact, the entire room was lit and filled with Nur. The slave was in Sajdah and was saying, “O Allah! O my Creator! You have made Waajib upon me during the day to serve my master and if I was not serving this person then day and night I would be serving You. Please accept this excuse of mine.”


The master of this slave continued to look at this amazing light and near the morning, this light disappeared into the heavens. The roof above the head of the slave which had remained open the entire night also closed. The person then informed his wife of what he had seen and the next night, both the husband and wife began to look for themselves and they could see the light which was hanging from the heavens.


The slave continued in his Ibadah until the morning. The next day, the husband and wife called the slave and said to him, “We are freeing you for the sake of Allah. You are free to continue worshipping Allah Almighty all the time for Whose total Ibadah, you were once excused.”


They also informed the slave of what they had seen in his room. They also told him what they had seen on two nights in a row. When the slave heard this, he picked up his hand and made Du’a, “O my Creator! I had Du’a to You never to reveal my secret to anyone but now this has become apparent to everyone, please take me back to Your Divine Court.” The moment he mentioned these words, he fell to the ground and passed away. (Nawaadir Al Qalyubi)