Download PDF: [S] The Rerad of giving a Piece of Bread

It is reported that there was once a pious person in the Bani Israel who had worshipped Almighty Allah for nearly seventy years.


One night, while he was in this cave, a very pretty lady approached the door and stood there. She was also shivering with the cold and in spite of this, the old man did not even pay attention to her looks. He continued to make Ibadah.


The lady then began to return from where she came from. However, this person opened the door and began to look at this female. He was also attracted by her appearance. He suddenly became infatuated with this female. He closed the door of the cave and ran after this lady. He asked her where she was going to and she replied that she was going wherever she pleased. In brief, they began to speak and suddenly found attraction in each other. The female also agreed to return with this person to the cave.

They lived together for seven days. After this period, the person regained his senses and realized that he had indeed committed a grave sin and had destroyed his worship for seventy years for merely seven days of sin. He began to cry and also fainted. The lady explained to him that he should not lose hope in the Almighty Allah. She also asked him to make Du’a for her as well.


After this, this person left his cave and began to walk around aimlessly in this state of regret and sadness. At night, he arrived as a desolate place where ten blind people also lived. Near this place, a monk also lived who used to send ten pieces of bread to these people. This night also, the servant of this monk also sent ten pieces of bread and when this bread was passed around. One of them was also given to this worshipper.


When everyone had received their pieces of bread, one of the blind person replied that he had not received his piece of bread. He also mentioned that it looks like tonight he would have to sleep in a state of hunger.


When he heard these words from the blind man, the worshipper began to weep and immediately gave his piece of bread to the blind man in an act of kindness. He also mentioned to everyone that it was he who should spend the night in hunger because he had committed a grievous sin and these blind people were those who obeyed Almighty Allah.


The same night, he slept hungry. However, on the same night, it was commanded that his soul be taken away. Almighty Allah sent the Angel of Death to do this. At that moment, the Angels who bestow mercy and punishment arrived and they began to debate the issue of what should be done with this person.


The Angels who deliver mercy said, “This person had departed from sin and transgression and was running towards the obedience of Almighty Allah”.


The Angel who delivered punishment replied, “No, this person was a great sinner.”


Almighty Allah then commanded them to take his seventy years of worship and seven days of transgression and weigh it. However, when they measured this, they found that the seven days of sin far outweighed the seventy years of Ibadah. Almighty Allah then commanded that his one act of kindness of giving the blind person his bread be also placed on the scale. And when this was done, it proved much heavier than his sin and transgression. In other words, merely feeding someone less fortunate than him proved a reason for his success in both worlds. There is also doubt that his plea for pardon was also sincere.