Download PDF: [S] The Plan of Allah cannot be understood

Hadrat Sayyiduna Wahb bin Mambah – may Allah be pleased with him – narrates:


There was once a priest among the Bani Isra’eel. He used to spend most of his time in Ibadah in this monastery. Near this monastery, there was a person who used to wash the clothes of others. There was also a river nearby and this is where this person used to wash his clothes.


Once, a solider came near this river and decided to wash some of his clothes. He also had a pouch of money with him which he left on the bank of the river. After he had washed his clothes, he left but had forgotten to take this purse of money. A few moments later, a fisherman arrived. When he saw this purse of money, he took it away with him.


When the soldier returned, he asked the man who was washing clothes in the river whether he had seen his purse of money. Since this person was unaware of the purse, he replied that he had not seen this purse.


However, the soldier did not believe him and in a fit of anger, he pulled out his sword and killed this person who was seemingly innocent. When the priest saw this, he was afraid to come forward and reveal the truth. The only thing he could do was make Du’a in the Divine Court of the Allah Almighty in these words, “O Allah! O my Master, the fisherman took the money and the person washing the clothes has been killed.” He continued saying these words.


The same night while he was sleeping, he heard the following words in his dream, “O that person who is pious! Do not become involved in fitnah and do not interfere in the Divine Knowledge of Allah. Understand this very well. The soldier was the one who had killed the father of the fisherman and had taken his money. This purse was also part of his father’s wealth. As for the person washing the clothes, his book of deeds were full of good, however, he was only short of one single good deed. As for the soldier, his book of deeds was fill with evil deeds and he only had one single deed. Therefore, when he killed the person who was washing the clothes, he cancelled this one bad deed of the person washing the clothes and the book of evil deeds of this soldier became complete.” (Al Qalyubi)