Download PDF: [S] The Piety of the Young Man

Hadrat Sayyiduna Ahmed bin Ali Akhmimi – may Allah be pleased with him – narrates:


“We were once in the blessed company of Hadrat Sayyiduna Zun Nun Misri – may Allah be pleased with him – while he was speaking about the miracles of the Awliya. Suddenly someone in the gathering asked him, ‘O Abu Fayz! Have you ever seen a Saint that could display miracles?’


“When he heard this question, the great Saint replied, “Once, there was a young man from Khuraasan who stayed with me for seven days in a certain Masjid. During these seven days, he did not eat anything. I also invited him on many occasions to eat something, but he always refused. One day, a certain person approached and asked for something and this same young man replied, ‘If you leave the people of the world and ask the Allah Almighty, then He would make you independent of creation.’


“However, the person asking said that he had not yet reached that state. He then asked the man as to what was it he wanted and the person replied that he wanted his hunger to disappear and be able to have clothes to cover his body. This young man then approached the Mimbar in the Masjid and continued to perform two rak’ah of Salaah. When he returned, he had a tray full of food and also new clothes in his hand. He then handed this to the poor person.


Hadrat Sayyiduna Zun Nun Misri – may Allah be pleased with him – continues, “I then asked this young man, ‘O young man! There is no doubt that you have a very lofty status in the Divine Court of Allah Almighty and yet, you have never eaten anything in seven days.’


“When he heard my words, he replied, ‘O Abu Faiz! How is it possible that a heart which is illumined with the Nur of the Divine Pleasure of Allah Almighty should ask someone for anything?’


“I then asked, ‘Those who are satisfied with Allah Almighty do they not ask Him for anything?’


“He replied, ‘There are many types of people who ask Him. There are some who seek from Him in love and ecstasy. There are some who never ask Him for anything. And there are some who do not ask Him for anything but because they feel pity of others, they implore Him on behalf of these people.’


“While this conversation was going on, it was time for the Congregational Salaah. This person also joined us for the Esha Salaah and then took a container to fetch some water and left the Masjid.  However, he did not return and I have never seen him again.” (Uyunul Hikaayah)