Download PDF: [S] The One whom Allah Honours

It is reported that once in Baghdad Shareef, there was a young man who was pious and who had acquired a fair amount of Islamic knowledge. He also had a habit of prohibiting people from doing evil and bad deeds even if he had to do so in public. In fact, one day, he even scolded Sultan Harun Rashid in public not bothering what would happen to him. Sultan Harun Rashid had committed a certain action which had transgressed the Shari’ah. Obviously, the Sultan was very angry and upset and he decided to have this young man arrested.


Sultan Harun Rashid locked this pious person in a room and made sure that all the openings in this room were also sealed so that this person will eventually die of hunger and lack of oxygen. However, a few days later, Sultan Harun Rashid was shocked to see that same young man walking in a certain orchard. The Sultan then ordered that he be rearrested and brought into the palace. Sultan Harun Rashid asked him, “Who released you from that sealed room?”


He replied, “The One Who had me placed there in the first place”.


The Sultan then asked him, “Who had you placed there in the first place?”


He replied, “The One Who had me released.”


When the people in the palace heard these answers, they were extremely shocked. The Sultan was so amazed by this young man that he ordered that this young man be carried on a horse and paraded around the city. The person taking this young man around should also make a public announcement which was, “This is that person upon whom Allah Almighty has bestowed respect, however the Khalifah wishes to dishonour him. However, he upon whom Allah Almighty bestows honour, no one can disgrace or dishonour him.” (Tafseer Ruhul Bayan, 5/391)