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Hadrat Sayyiduna Makhzum bin Hani Radi Allahu ‘Anhu narrates from his father who was about 150 years old that in the year when Abrahah tried to destroy the Ka’ba, after the year of the reign of Nusherwaan, and eight and a half years after the rule by Amar bin Hind, in the month of Rabi-ul-Awwal on Monday, Sayyiduna Rasoolullah Sallal Laahu ‘Alayhi Wasallam blessed this world with his presence. (Seeratun Nubuwah; Ibn Hishaam, 1/161)


In one report it is mentioned that when Hadrat Sayyiduna Abdul Mutallib Radi Allahu ‘Anhu was resting in the valley of Abtah, he saw the following in a dream. He saw a bright chain emanate from him and it had four sides. One corner reached the West, one corner towards the East, one reached the Heavens and one reached the lowest corner of the earth. The last corner returned until it became a lush green tree. In the morning, he went to someone to translate this dream and the person mentioned to him, “If your dream is true, then certainly from your loins, a person would appear who would be accepted by everyone on earth and in the Heavens.” (As Seeratun Nubuwah, Ibn Katheer, 1/310)


Hadrat Sayyiduna Ka’ab Al Ahbaar Radi Allahu ‘Anhu narrates that, “When Allah azza wajal intended to create everything when He intended to create the Heavens on high and lay the earth, he looked at a Divine Manifestation and declared, ‘O Nur, become Muhammad’. This Nur then appeared as a pillar of light. It shone so bright that it reached the Divine Veil and it then bowed down in Sajdah. It then began to sound the Divine Praise of Allah azza wajal. Allah azza wajal then declared to this Nur, ‘I have created you (for My worship) and have kept your name Muhammad. I will begin creation from you and will end Prophethood with you.’”


The four parts of Nur-e-Muhammadi


Allah azza wajal then divided this Nur into four parts.


From the first part, He created the Protected or Established Tablet (Lawh-e-Mahfuz) and the Pen.


He then declared to the Pen, “Write.” The Pen then trembled in fear of Allah azza wajal for a thousand years. The Pen then pleaded, “O My Lord, what shall I write?” Allah azza wajal declared, “La ilaahah illal laahu Muhammadur Rasoolullah.” The Pen then recorded this and everything about creation. It also recorded the following. The number of children that would appear from the loins of Nabi Adam Alayhis Salaam. He who obeys Allah azza wajal would enter Jannah through His permission and he who disobeys Allah azza wajal would enter the Fire of Hell. It also recorded about Nabi Ebrahim Alayihis Salaam, Nabi Moosa Alayihis Salaam and about Nabi ‘Isa Alayihis Salaam and about their Ummah until when it started to record about Sayyiduna Rasoolullah Sallal Laahu ‘Alayhi Wasallam and that those who will follow him will enter Jannah and those who disobey will enter the Fire of Hell and before it could record this. Allah azza wajal declared, “O Pen! Record with respect and reverence.” The Pen then began to tremble with fear and became blunt in this show of Divine Fear. (Some have said that this is the reason that the pens on earth have always had to be sharpened). Allah azza wajal also commanded the Pen to record about this Ummah the following, “There are sinners in this Ummah, but the Allah is All Forgiving.”


The third part of this Nur created the Arsh.


The fourth part of this Nur was then further divided into four parts. From the first part, intelligence was created. From the second part, Marifah was created, from the third part, the sun, the moon, the light of one’s eye and the brightness of the day.


All of this was created from the Nur of Sayyiduna Rasoolullah Sallal Laahu ‘Alayhi Wasallam. Allah azza wajal then divided the last part into four parts and fourth part of this fourth part was placed as a trust below the Arsh.


The Nur of the Sayyiduna Rasoolullah Sallal Laahu ‘Alayhi Wasallam which appeared behind Nabi Adam Alayhis Salaam


Allah azza wajal then created Nabi Adam Alayhis Salaam and this Nur was placed on his back.


The Angels were then commanded to make Sajdah to him and he was then allowed to enter Jannah. It is said that this Nur was such that the Angels continued to stand behind him to see the miracle of this Nur. He then asked Allah azza wajal the reason for this and Allah azza wajal replied, “These Angels are looking at the Nur of My beloved and he will be created from your loins.”


Nabi Adam Alayhis Salaam then asked that this Nur be placed on his forehead so that the Angels may appear in front of me and not behind me. This Nur was then placed on his forehead.


After this, the Angels began to stand in front of Nabi Adam Alayhis Salaam and also began to read the Durood and Salaam. Nabi Adam Alayhis Salaam then asked Allah azza wajal that he wished to see this Nur and that He should place it in a place where he could also see it. The Allah azza wajal then placed this Nur on the index finger of Nabi Adam Alayhis Salaam. When the Angels continued to praise Allah azza wajal, this Nur also joined them in this. This is the reason that this finger is called the “al musabbi hatun,” in other words, the finger which reads the Tasbeeh.


He then asked Allah azza wajal whether there was any other part of this Nur which still existed on his back. Allah azza wajal replied, “The Nur of my beloveds companions is still present.”’ He then asked Allah azza wajal to also place this in front of him. Allah azza wajal then placed the Nur of Hadrat Sayyiduna Abu Bakr Radi Allahu ‘Anhu  on the middle finger nail, the Nur of Hadrat Sayyiduna ‘Umar Radi Allahu ‘Anhu on the one finger after this, the Nur of Hadrat Sayyiduna ‘Uthman Ghani Radi Allahu ‘Anhu on the smallest finger and the Nur of Hadrat Sayyiduna Ali Radi Allahu ‘Anhu on the thumb.


As long as Nabi Adam Alayhis Salaam continued to remain in Jannah, the Nur of his fingers continue to shine brightly. However, when the Satan tried to deceive him, then this Nur was placed once more on his back.


It was also revealed to him that when he was to marry Bibi Hawa Radi Allahu ‘Anha, this Nur would eventually be shown to the world. As they continued to make the Tasbeeh of Allah azza wajal this Nur was then transferred from Nabi Adam Alayhis Salaam to Babi Hawa Radi Allahu ‘Anha. This Nur was also revealed on the forehead of Bibi Hawa Radi Allahu ‘Anha and it shone brightly like a circle. (Musannaf Abdur Razak, #18, pg. 63)


The Blessed Lineage of the Sayyiduna Rasoolullah Sallal Laahu ‘Alayhi Wasallam


According to Hadrat Allamah Syed Yusuf bin Ismail Nabhani Radi Allahu ‘Anhu the blessed family of the Sayyiduna Rasoolullah Sallal Laahu ‘Alayhi Wasallam has been established until Sa’ad bin Adnan and there is ‘Ijmah on this. As for those names which appear after this, there is still debate on this. (Wa saailul Rasul ilaa Shamaa’ilul Rasul, 48) When Hadrat Sheeth Alayhis Salaam was born, this Nur passed on to him.


A point of contention


As far as the father of Nabi Ebrahim Alayhis Salaam is concerned there remains a controversy in this regard. Allama Jalaaluden Amjadi Radi Allahu ‘Anhu explains that, “As far as the Ahle Sunnah wa Jamaah is concerned, the father of Nabi Ebrahim Alayhis Salaam was Tarakh and Azaar was his uncle. (Fatwah Faizur Rasool, 2/568)


Even Mufti Ahmed Yaar Khan Naeemi Radi Allahu ‘Anhu in his “Tafseer Naeemi” mentions this. He explains that, “Aazar was the uncle of the Nabi Ebrahim Alayhis Salaam. He was also an idol-worshipper. His father was actually Tarakh who was a true believer. ‘Tafseer ibn Katheer’ has also mentioned this. Some have said that Aazar was another person in the family of Nabi Ebrahim Alayhis Salaam.”


He also mentions that, “The word Aab (uncle) and Waalid, both of these imply ‘father.’ However, the word ‘Aab’ is very commonly used to sometimes signify a step father, a grandfather, an uncle, most members of one’s family and sometimes even a spiritual master or sheikh.”


His Arrival in the Blessed Household


When this Nur was transferred to his blessed mother, many amazing things began to reveal themselves. All the Angels in the Heavens began to congratulate each other on this occasion. The doors of Hell were closed and Allah azza wajal declared to all the Angels that today is the day when His Divine Secret was going to be revealed on earth.


In some reports, this Nur was transferred on the night of Jum’uah in the month of Rajab while according to Imam Waaqidi Radi Allahu ‘Anhu it was the fifteenth night of Jamaadi-ul-Akhir. Hadrat Sayyiduna Abdullah ibn Abbas Radi Allahu ‘Anhuma narrates that the proof of this Nur being transferred on that specific night is that the animals belonging to the Quraish began to speak to each other in classical Arabic that without doubt the Nur of the Sayyiduna Rasoolullah Sallal Laahu ‘Alayhi Wasallam has been transferred to his blessed mother and that without doubt he is a means of security for this universe and a light for the people of this world.” (Risaale Moulood, Ibn Hajr Makki, 19)


Hadrat Sayyidah Amina Radi Allahu ‘Anha narrates that when she was in her sixth month, the blessed father of Sayyiduna Rasoolullah Sallal Laahu ‘Alayhi Wasallam passed away. She also narrates that someone touched her blessed feet and informed her that in her blessed womb was that being who is the best of creation and that when he is born, the name given to him should be “Muhammad” Sallal Laahu ‘Alayhi Wasallam and that she was not to reveal this to anyone. (Al Bidaayah wan Nihaayah, 4/72)


Miracles during his Blessed Birth


His blessed mother reveals that as long as Sayyiduna Rasoolullah Sallal Laahu ‘Alayhi Wasallam was in her womb, she felt no pain or discomfort and that he was born exactly nine months later. She narrates that when the time came for the blessed birth, like all females, she also experienced a little concern and apprehension. Her family were unaware of this and since Hadrat Sayyiduna Abdul Mutallib Radi Allahu ‘Anhu was outside in the Ka’ba area, she was alone in her room.


She narrates that she then began to seek solace in the Divine Court of that Being from whom nothing is kept secret. Suddenly she saw the wife of Pharaoh, Sayyidah Aasiyah Radi Allahu ‘Anha, appear and a bright Nur appeared which began to make the entire room bright. This was the blessed mother of Nabi ‘Isa Alayhis Salaam, namely Hadrat Sayyidah Maryam binte Imran Radi Allahu ‘Anha. She also saw females with faces that were bright with Nur and these were the maidens of Jannah. When she began to experience a slight discomfort, the females around began to give her support.


Allah azza wajal then made the blessed birth very simple. Suddenly, Sayyiduna Rasoolullah Sallal Laahu ‘Alayhi Wasallam appeared in a state of Sajdah looking up at the sky. The maidens of Jannah also kissed his blessed feet to gain blessing.


Hadrat Jibra’eel Ameen Alayhis Salaam appeared and Hadrat Meka’eel Alayhis Salaam covered him with his wings. The Jinns who used to be allowed in the Heavens were also refrained from entering the Heavens. His blessed mother was also told not to inform anyone about his birth until the special Angels had seen him. In this manner, the Mercy for the Universe arrived in this world.


Hadrat Israafeel Alayhis Salaam also appeared. These Angels took Sayyiduna Rasoolullah Sallal Laahu ‘Alayhi Wasallam all over the universe so that creation could be blessed through him. All the streams of water in Jannah were blessed by being used over his body, his name was recorded in every leaf in Jannah and within a few moments, he was brought back to his blessed mother. His excellence and greatness was also revealed and announced to the world.