Download PDF: [S] The Memory of Daar Qutni

Daar Qutni’s – may Allah be pleased with him – full names is Ali bin Umar and his title is “Daar Qutni.” He passed away in 358 A.H. He is also a famous Hadith writer and travelled to various part of the Muslim world to attain knowledge of the Ahadith such as Baghdad Shareef, Basrah, Waasit, Egypt, Syria, etc. He was also an authority in Arabic syntax and grammar. He was also an expert in principles of Hadith and Asmaa’ur Rijaal. He was also well-versed in all the four schools of Islamic Jurisprudence and in classical Arabic grammar.


The Allah Almighty had also blessed Daar Qutni – may Allah be pleased with him – with amazing memory. It is mentioned that one day, while he was in classe, he was recording another book when one of his friends mocked him and informed him that he would miss the lessons. However, Daar Qutni – may Allah be pleased with him – mentioned that there was a difference between his concentration and their concentration. He then asked the student to list all the Ahadith which the teacher had dictated to them. The student began to think about this, however, Imam Daar Qutni – may Allah be pleased with him – was able to list all the Ahadith in this proper sequence. He also mentioned the Sanad of each Hadith Shareef. (Hikaayat Sahaabah)


Such was his miracle and amazing memory that it is reported that one day, one of his students was reading out a Sanad and the great scholar was in Salaah. However, the student instead of saying “naseer” as one of the names of the narrator, he mentioned “yaseer”. Imam Daar Qutni – may Allah be pleased with him – who was in Salaah, then recited Surah Qalam where he emphasized the Nun at the beginning. The student understood this and corrected himself.