Download PDF: [S] The Liar who was Punished

Allamah ibn Jouzi narrates from Muslim bin Ebrahim who mentions that once a person approached Habeeb Farsi and in a very arrogant and disrespectful manner and said to him, “You will have to listen to me whether you like it or not.”


Habeeb Farsi replied, “Tell me what it is.”


The person declared, “The return of my three hundred Dirhams is waajib upon you. If you do not return this money, I will have no choice but to go the Qadi and lodge a complaint against you and I will also disgrace you in front of people.”


Habeeb Farsi replied, “My dear friend, there has never ever been any business between the two of us before. I have never taken a loan from you and where is the proof for this? There is no doubt that this is a false allegation me and complete lies.”


This person then said, “Whatever is the case, you will have to return this money to me and I will make sure that I take this from you.”

Habeeb Farsi then informed him, “I will give you till tomorrow to think about this allegation against me. At the same time, I will also look at the papers in my house and perhaps I may have written something in some paper and maybe I had forgotten. However, I am certain that I have never ever done business with you before.”


When Habeeb Farsi went home, he began to search through all the papers but he could not find anything in which there was proof that he had actually taken this money from the person.


At the same time, Habeeb Farsi was also considered as someone whose Du’a was accepted very quickly. He other words, he was considered as Mustajaabud Du’a. In the middle of the night he made Wudu and decided to read two rak’ah of Salaah. He then made Du’a in the Divine Court of Allah Almighty in the following words, “O Allah! If this person is true in his claim, then please give me the strength to return his Amanah. And if he is speaking a lie, then allow his hand to become paralysed so that people would become aware of my truth and his lies.”


In the morning, a strange incident was seen. People were seen carrying this person on their shoulders because half his body had become paralysed. When this person approached Habeeb Farsi, he declared, “I am the same person who yesterday had acted extremely rude to you and had unjustly demanded three hundred Dirhams from you. There is no doubt that I was speaking a lie and was also threatening you and nothing else. Certainly, you do not owe me anything and we have never done business before. I only did this because I knew that people respected you and perhaps trying to save your respect, you have fallen into the trap of paying this money.”


Habeeb Farsi then asked me, “Will you perform this same act with others in the future. Will you also continue to threaten other innocent Muslims in the future and ask for something which you are not justified in getting?”


The person replied that he had learnt his lesson and that he would never perform such an act again in the future. Habeeb Farsi then picked up his hands once again and made Du’a, “O Allah! If this person is sincere in his promise, then please allow him to get well.”


As he began to say these words, this person suddenly stood up on his own two feet as if he had never been paralysed. They then went on their own ways.