Download PDF: [S] The King who claimed to be god

It is mentioned that there was once a young King who continued to rule for a few years but found no enjoyment in his rule. He then called some of his special people and asked them what the secret of ruling a country was and what was the secret of attaining joy during one’s rule. The people informed him that he should surround himself with the ‘Ulama and the pious and be guided by this people. The King then called all the ‘Ulama and the pious people in his kingdom and informed them, “You people must sit around me and whatever you see as obedience to Allah Almighty, you should advise me to perform. If you see any sin being committed by me, you must refrain me from performing that sin.”


The ‘Ulama and the pious continued to do this and with the result, he remained in power for nearly four hundred years.


However, one day, the Satan appeared in front of him and when the King asked him who he was, he revealed that he was the Satan. In an act of deceit, the Satan asked the King who he was. The King replied that he was just an ordinary son of Adam – peace be upon him. However, the Satan said to him, “If you were a son of Adam, you would have died many years ago. You are in fact someone who should be worshipped because you are like a god for having lived for such a long time. Therefore, you should actually instruct people to worship.”


The King fell into this trap. One day, he stood on the mimbar and addressed the people and asked them, “O people! There is something which I have kept hidden from you for many years but the time has come for me to reveal this secret. All of you are aware that I have ruled for nearly four hundred years and if I was an ordinary human, I would have died many years ago. I am actually your god, therefore, you people should worship me.”


At that time, Allah Almighty sent a message to the Prophet of that period which was, “As long as this person continued to obey and serve Me, his kingdom was sound and established. However, since he has decided to disobey Me, then I swear on My Divine Greatness that a tyrant like Bakhte Nasr will overtake his kingdom.”


A short time later, the kingdom of this king was overtaken and captured by Bakhte Nasr. The King was killed and nearly seventy ships were loaded with the treasures of this palace and kingdom and taken away. (Nawaadir Al Qalyubi)