Download PDF: [S] The Insane Dervish

It is mentioned that once a person recited the Iqaamah in front of Hadrat Sayyiduna Ma’ruf Kharkhi – may Allah be pleased with him – and told another person who was in front to lead the Salaah. However, this person refused to do so.


In fact, he said that he was afraid that he might die in the Salaah and therefore the Salaah of the people would remain incomplete. When people forced him to lead the Salaah, he mentioned, “I will lead the Salaah on one condition that I do not lead another Salaah.”


When the great Saint, who was present, heard these words, he remarked, “My friend, please step back because you are insane. At first you thought that you will die in Salaah and then you thought that you will remain alive in another Salaah.” He then instructed another person to lead the Salaah.


This another example of a fake dervish. They give the appearance of being a great Zaahid when in reality they are great Zindeeq. They want everyone to have a great amount of respect for them, but in reality they do not even know the basics of Islam.