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There is no doubt that when students from any institute complete their studies, they travel to different places of the world. Due to this, they create their own environment and bring their special character into the community. However, at the same time, they also have to endure immense test and tribulation in being able to achieve whatever they are able to achieve.


This is the moment when the hidden trait of a person is displayed. The hidden character of his soul and inner being becomes apparent. And whatever Madrassah or Institute he has come from, the message of that Madrassah becomes an internationally known trait and specialty. This is especially true for those souls who display immense steadfastness and bravery and never swerve from their mission.


The status of Imaan in a person is the same status as his heart possesses. When Imaan is established in a person, then even the highest mountain or the most difficult of path cannot move him from his destination or deviate from his path. There are numerous examples of such people in history.


One of these shinning stars in Islam has been Hadrat Sayyiduna Khubaib bin Adi Al Ansari – may Allah be pleased with him.


He was one of those who were sent by the Holy Prophet – may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him – to teach Islam to a few tribes in the outlying areas. They were to teach those people about Islam so that those tribes could remove themselves from the darkness of Kufr and idol worship and enter the path of Islam and light and eternal salvation.


Unfortunately, this group of blessed Muslims were martyred and some of them were captured. Among the blessed souls captured were Hadrat Sayyiduna Khubaib bin Adi and Hadrat Sayyiduna Zaid bin As Dasanah – may Allah be pleased with them. They were captured and sold to the merchants in Mecca for a very small amount. Since Hadrat Sayyiduna Khubaib – may Allah be pleased with him – had killed Haarith bin Amir in the Battle of Badr, his sons were always looking for a way to capture and kill this blessed Muslim so that they could satisfy their own evil spirit. After they had captured this blessed Muslim, they had him imprisoned in the house of Maawiyah binte Hajeer.


Maawiyah narrates, “Khubaib was captured and imprisoned in my house. One of his special attributes in the time he remained alive was that he refused to eat the meat of any animal which was not slaughtered while taking the Divine Name of the Allah Almighty. He used to only survive on drinking milk and nothing else which came from us. Whenever I saw him he was also in a state of fasting and reading his Salaah. I could see that this person was like an Angel whose face was bright with immense Nur. Without doubt, he had a great impact on me and also began to create the light of Imaan within me.


“One day, when I peeped through the door where he was locked in, I was completely shocked. He had a large bunch of grapes in his hand which he was eating. Yet I knew that in that time, there was no grapes available anywhere in the world. I then asked him where he had got these grapes from and he smiled and replied, ‘This is from the Divine Grace of the Allah Almighty’. When I heard this, I was certainly shocked and amazed beyond words. Another fascinating character of him was that when he recited the Qur’an, all the females used to gather outside merely to listen to his Qirah. Some of them were so amazed by his recital of the Qur’an that many of them wept of out fear for the Allah Almighty.


“When the enemies of Islam decided that the time had come for him to be killed, he began to experience immense fear for Allah Almighty and continued to make the Zikr. In fact, this moment did not break his mission to continue the Zikr of Allah Almighty.


“Finally, when the enemies in Mecca realised that this dedicated Muslim would not change, they decided to use bribe tactics to change him from his mission. They offered him immediate freedom and immense reward, but there was only one condition. He just had to refute and ridicule the Holy Prophet – may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him – for one single moment. However, he refused to accept any of these offers and mentioned that death to him was such an ordinary event that he would be difficult for them to understand.


“When the Bani Al Haarith went to kill him, he asked them to give him a few minutes so that he could perform one last Salaah. He then performed two rak’ah of Salaah calmly while those around were waiting to kill him. After he had completed his Salaah, he declared, ‘If I did not feel that you would think that I am afraid hence I am prolonging my Salaah, I would have certainly prolonged my Salaah.’


“The Mushriks then placed him on a high platform and he smiled and turned towards the Qiblah. There was no sign of fear or apprehension. In fact, to others it looked like he was going to meet friends. He also turned towards Madina Shareef and seemed like he was mumbling something. He then declared, ‘O Allah Almighty, a million thanks to You that you have allowed me to turn towards Your beloved Habeeb and towards the Ka’ba. This is what You have chosen for Your special slaves. O Allah Almighty! Please convey my Salaam to Your beloved Habeeb and also convey to him the news of what these people have done to me. O Allah Almighty! All around me, I can only see the faces of enemies. O my Creator, take them into account and destroy each one of them.’


“When a person like Abu Sufyan heard this Du’a, out of immense fear and terror he fell to the ground. He understood that the Du’a of an oppressed person does not go without being heard. At the time, he had not accepted Islam.


“They then attacked him with arrows and swords and with every blow, he kept reciting the Kalimah. Not one sign of weakness was displayed by him until the last moment of his life in this world.


“It is said that at that precise moment the Holy Prophet – may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him – was sitting among the other blessed companions and they could see a strange appearance on the blessed face of the Holy Prophet – may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him. His blessed eyes were also full of tears. He was also saying, “O Khubaib! Salaams upon you and the Divine Blessing and Benediction of the Allah Almighty as well.” When the blessed companions asked him about this, he replied, “The Quraish has just martyred Khubaib”.


The Holy Prophet – may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him – then sent Hadrat Sayyiduna Miqdad bin Aswad and Hadrat Sayyiduna Zubair bin Awwam – may Allah be pleased with them – to bring back the body.


Hadrat Sayyiduna Zubair – may Allah be pleased with him – narrates: “When we arrived there, there were about forty people surrounding the body but they were also drunk. We then managed to retrieve the blessed body and as we began to leave, some of the enemies realised what was happening. As they began to chase us, I then released the body to the ground from my animal so that the load would become light. However, the moment I released the body, the ground opened and swallowed the blessed body. There was no sign where the body had disappeared to. This is the reason that he was called, ‘Balee’ul Ard’ or the one whose body was swallowed by the earth.”


These were those blessed souls of Islam who did not inherit this Imaan or some family member did not give them this as a gift. It was Imaan which was built in them and something which was engrained in them. The seed of Imaan was planted in them and it became stronger and stronger. No amount of difficulty or trial could shake this Imaan of theirs. As for those who do not have such Imaan, in reality they are nothing but walking and talking dead or corpses. Such a nation cannot survive but will eventually perish. As for that nation which is blessed with Imaan, no trial is too difficult and they live as if they are able to see the Allah Almighty all the time. Whatever comes to them, they are convinced that comes from the Allah Almighty and they are happy and content with this.


Whatever they face, the display no weakness and neither do they bow down to any of the difficulties which faces them. They can be considered as people who walk on the earth, but their souls are in the heavens. They are always waiting eagerly waiting to meet their Creator.


As for the other blessed companion, Hadrat Sayyiduna Zaid bin Dasanah – may Allah be pleased with him, he was also considered as among the eminent companions. He also took part in the Battles of Badr and Uhud. In the expedition of Be’er Ma’uz he was captured and he was martyred by the Quraish in a placed called Tan’eem. He was also considered as one of the companions that was a great Jurist. (Farfur)