Download PDF: [S] The Hereafter is the Goal

Ibn Abid Dunya, through a long chain of narrators, records from Imam Marqad Sanji – may Allah be pleased with him – who explains that the world is like a foster mother while the Hereafter can be thought of as the real mother. Have you not seen that when a child is young, he is given to the foster mother? However, as he grows older, he recognizes the mother and leaves the foster mother and comes and rest in the arms of the mother. The Hereafter can be compared to your actual mother which will very soon call you towards her. (Hulyatul Awliyah)


Ibn Abid Dunya reports from Imam Salat bin Hakeem – may Allah be pleased with him – who admits that news has reached him that Allah Almighty had informed the world that whoever abandons you, you should continue to serve him and whoever chooses you over the Hereafter, you should make him your servant.


Ibn Abid Dunya narrates from another Saint who once advised his Mureeds and followers that, “Merely the fact that the world will cease to exist while the Hereafter will remain forever should be sufficient testimony for you. Whatever actions you perform in the world, the same will be given to you in the Hereafter. If the actions are good, there will be reward and if the actions are bad, there will be punishment.”


Ibn Abid Dunya reports from Hadrat Sayyiduna Sufyan Thouri – may Allah be pleased with him – who mentions that, “The dunya is called the ‘dunya’ because it is considered a very wretched item or something which will cease to exist very soon and maal or wealth is called ‘maal’ because this takes a person and drowns him together with itself.”