Download PDF: [S] The Guests of Nabi Ebrahim

It is mentioned that Nabi Ebrahim – peace be upon him – was always in the habit of inviting people to his house and serving them. It is also mentioned that as long as guests did not appear in his house, he never partook of meals on his own.


One day, such guests arrived in his house which greatly surprised him. As a matter of fact, this was Hadrat Jibra’eel Ameen – peace be upon him – who had arrived with a group of Angels. After greeting Nabi Ebrahim – peace be upon him – they entered his house. All of them were also extremely good looking. One of the things which surprised Nabi Ebrahim – peace be upon him – was that these people arrived at a time when it was not usual for guests to arrive. The second unusual thing is that these people had suddenly appeared. Another unusual thing is that when Nabi Ebrahim – peace be upon him – had offered them food, they refused to eat.


When he saw this behaviour of these people, obviously a person would feel apprehensive and mighty even think that these people are your enemies. It was also a tradition in those days that when an enemy entered your house, he never eat or drank anything. Nabi Ebrahim – – peace be upon him – felt a little apprehensive at the behaviour of these people.


However, when Hadrat Jibraeel Ameen – peace be upon him – saw this, he declared, “O Prophet of Allah Almighty! There is no need to feel apprehensive. We are Angels that have been sent by Allah Almighty with two tasks. The first is to inform you of the birth of a blessed child who will be blessed with immense knowledge and the second is that we have arrived to deliver punishment on the nation of Nabi Lut – peace be upon him.”