Download PDF: [S] The Governor who Controlled his Anger

One of the messages found in the Hadith Shareef is that a really strong and powerful person is that person who controls his anger. The following incident also proves this.


Abul Waleed Ma’an bin Zaahidah Shaybaani was considered as one of the most generous and bravest people of his era. He was once nominated as the Governor of Iraq by Yazeed bin ‘Umar bin Haybarah. However, when the Abbasid Dynasty came to power he went into seclusion. But, when certain rebellious people attacked the centre of government under Abu Jafer Mansur, he came to his aid and fought very bravely expelling the mutineers from the city. The Khalifah was so pleased with this act of bravery and self-sacrifice that he nominated him as the Governor of Yemen and then Sajastan. Abul Waleed Ma’an was killed during the uprising of the Khaarjites in 152 A.H. but his nephew Yazeed bin Muzeed made sure that he later destroyed this entire movement. (Sayr Alaamul Nublah)


Abul Waleed Ma’an was also such a generous and kind person that people used to say that for anyone to make him angry would be nothing short of a miracle. He was also extremely intelligent and brave as we just saw.


One day, a Bedouin appeared and made the claim that he would succeed in making Ma’an bin Zaahidah angry. The people also mentioned to him that if he succeeded in this, they would give him one hundred red camels as a reward. The person then approached Ma’an who was sitting on one side of the court. In fact, he started to insult Ma’an in the following manner.


“Do you still remember the time when you used to wear clothes made from sheep skin and wear shoes made from camel skin?”


When he heard this, Ma’an replied, “That which you claim, I am fully aware of that and I will never forget it.”


The village then said, “Glory be to that Divine Being Who has given you a kingdom and has allowed you to sleep on a bed.”


Ma’an replied, “This is certainly the Divine Blessing of the Allah Almighty and certainly not through you.”


The villager then said, “I cannot survive one day without the grace of Ma’an bin Zaahidah and cannot ignore him without greeting him.”


Ma’an then said to him, “To make Salaam in Islam is an act of Sunnah. If you make Salaam then you will receive reward and if you do not make Salaam, then you will carry the sin yourself.”


The village then said, “In that country in which you live, I will leave that country even though I have to walk to the border on foot.”


Ma’an then replied, “If you stay, then I believe there will be goodness and if you decide to leave, then you will only take my good wishes and Du’a.”


The villager then said, “O son of a misfit female, please give me some provision for the road because I have made a firm decision to leave this country”.


Ma’an then ordered his servant to give the person one thousand Dinars so that even if he leaves this country, he will have something to survive on.

The villager then said, “Whatever you have given is very less and I had hope that you would give even more.”


Ma’an then ordered that another one thousand be given to the villager.


The villager continued, “I make Du’a that the Allah Almighty continues to keep you well and healthy because your kindness is like the waves which never ends.”


In all of these insults, Ma’an bin Zaahidah did not get angry and obviously even though the villager lost the bet to make him angry, yet he was richly rewarded. (Nawaadir Al Akhbar)