Download PDF: [S] The Eye of Dajjal

It is reported that Mughayrah Abdur Rahman bin Haarith bin Hishaam was considered a very brave and famous warrior. When Muslimah bin Abdul Malik attacked the city of Constantinople, he was also in this battle. During this battle, his one eye was injured and because of this, this one eye lost its vision. It is also reported that whenever Mughayrah Abdur Rahman visited any village, he had the habit of slaughtering a cow and feeding the local citizens.


Once, when Mughayrah Abdur Rahman had prepared food and had laid out the table, a Bedouin also joined in this feast. However, instead of eating, he kept looking at Mughayrah. Mughayrah then asked him, “Why are you not eating? You are continuously looking at me after folding your hands.”


The Bedouin replied, “Without doubt, your table is very expansive and your food is also very delicious. However, after looking at the state of your eyes, I have started to have great doubts.”


Mughayrah asked him the reason for his doubt and he replied, “You are one-eyed and also feeding people. I once heard an Imam in a Masjid saying that a person who is one-eyed is also the sign of the Dajjal.”


When Mughyrah heard this, he could not help laughing. He ordered this poor Bedouin to continue eating as he was certainly not the Dajjal that was mentioned in the Hadith Shareef. He also informed him that the eye of the Dajjal would certainly not be damaged while fighting in the path of Allah Almighty. (Taarikh-e-Dimishq Al Kabeer, Ibn Asaakir)