Download PDF: [S] The Donkey that knew when it would Rain

Naseerudeen Tusi is considered as “Muhaqqiq Tusi” – one of the great authorities of philosophy and logics in his era.


One day, he went to meet a great scholar of his time and the people displayed immense respect for Naseerudeen Tusi. The people mentioned to the great Islamic scholar that Naseerudeen Tusi was indeed very learned and educated. The Islamic scholar then asked in what field this person had become a specialist in. The people replied that he had become very learned in astronomy.


When the learned Islamic scholar heard this, he replied, “It is my opinion that a white donkey has more knowledge than him in the field of astronomy.”


When Naseerudeen Tusi heard this statement, he was extremely upset and went home. However, prior to going home, he decided to spend one night with a friend who happened to have a white donkey. He decided to sleep outside because it was quite hot and humid. However, the owner of the donkey rushed forward and informed him to come inside and sleep because very soon it would start to rain. In fact, it is also going to rain quite heavily. Naseerudeen Tusi then asked him how he knew that it was going to rain. (After all, he was an expert on astronomy). The owner of the white donkey replied, “When my donkey lifts its tail three times towards the sky, then the whole night there is no rain. However, when he wags it tail while it is lowered then I have years of experience that it will certainly rain on that night.” In fact a few minutes later, it began to rain heavily.


When Naseerudeen Tusi saw this, he thought to himself that the religious scholar was right that a white donkey has more knowledge than him in this field. (Ruhul Bayan)