Download PDF: [S] The Dead Martyr came to Assist

It is reported that once, Khalifah Harun Rashid asked Mohammed Battaal, who was a famous soldier in Islam, about the strange incident which he had experienced in Rome.


Mohammed Battaal narrates:


I was once walking in one of the fields. I also had a hat and a Qur’an. As I was walking along I heard the sound of a horse behind me. I saw a solider on this horse whose sword was still in his sheath and he was riding towards me. He also had a spear in his hand. When he came near, he made Salaam and I also greeted him. He then asked me, “Have you seen that person whom they call Battaal?” I then told him that I was in fact Battaal. He then jumped off his horse and embraced me and also kissed my feet. I then asked him the reason for his actions. He replied that he had only come to see me so that he could be of service to me.


I then made Du’a for him. Suddenly, we saw horses approaching us. There were four horsemen. My companion asked me permission to go and meet them. When he approached them, all four of them then attacked him and very soon, he was martyred.

The four of these horsemen then turned their attention towards me with the intention of attacking me. I then said to them, “If you wish to fight me, then at least give me a chance to take the horse of my companion and also wear his armour.” They gave me a chance to do this. After I was prepared to do battle with them, I said to them that there were four of them and I was alone and it was only fair that they attacked one at a time.


Suddenly, one of them attacked me and very quickly, I defeated him and he was killed. The second person then attacked and very quickly, I also killed him and the third also. Finally, the fourth person attacked me and we started to fight each other with our spears till finally, both our spears had been broken. We then jumped off our horses and attacked each other with our shields till both our shields been broken. We then attacked each other with our swords until both our swords had been broken. We then started to wrestle each other until it became dark. We then broke off the fight and restarted in the morning. On one occasion, I had overpowered him and on three occasions, he had overpowered me. On the last occasion, when he had overpowered me and was about to kill me, he asked as to who would save me and he also mentioned that I was Mohammed Battaal and that he would surely kill me and also be able to bring peace to Rome. On the last occasion, when he was about to kill me, he asked me who would protect me. I then mentioned to him, “If my Creator wishes, you would never be able to kill me.”


He then picked up his dagger and told me to call out to the Creator to help me. As he did so, the companion who had been killed earlier suddenly stood up and taking a sword, he immediately severed this person’s head. And he declared to me, “Do not think of those as dead who have been killed in the Path of Allah.” (Al Nawaadir, Al Qalyubi)