Download PDF: [S] The Conditions in the Grave of the Pious

Hadrat Sayyiduna Saleh Mirri – may Allah be pleased with him, who was an eminent Muhaddith, narrates:


One hot day, I entered the cemetery and I saw an old grave which had broken into pieces. I then addressed the grave and said, “Glory be to Allah. Who is that who will once again gather your bones and souls when your bodies have perished and you have become mere sand?”


He further explains that as soon as he had mentioned these words, suddenly a voice came from one of the graves which said to him, “O Saleh! Have you not read the verse of the Qur’an:



“And among His signs is that the heavens and the earth remain established by His command; then when He calls you – from the earth – you will thereupon emerge.”


Hadrat Shaikh Saleh Mirri – may Allah be pleased with him – mentions that he became so fearful when he heard these words that his entire body began to tremble. (Sharahus Sudur, 90)


Imam Qatadah – may Allah be pleased with him – narrates that, “When Hadrat Sayyiduna Abdullah bin Ghaalib Hadaani – may Allah be pleased with him – was martyred in 830 A.H., the sand in his grave had a sweet fragrance scent to it. One day, one of his brothers saw him in a dream and asked him how he had been treated and he replied, ‘I have been deemed a Jannati.’


He asked, ‘Through which action have you attained this status?’


He replied, ‘Through Imaan, through the performance of Tahajjud and through keeping fast during hot weather.’


He was then asked the reason why the scent of fragrance was appearing from his grave and he replied, ‘This is the scent of my recital and the scent of my thirst during the time I used to fast.’ (Sharahus Sudur, 25)


In the same manner, it is mentioned that the same sweet scent used to appear from the blessed grave of Hadrat Sayyiduna Imam Bukhari – may Allah be pleased with him-. At the same time, people used to keep filling his grave with sand and every time, the same sweet scent appeared on every occasion. (Rijaal Hadith)


It is mentioned that once in Mecca Shareef, after the burial of someone, another person stood by the graveside and began to read the Talkeen. At that moment, a famous Saint who was standing nearby by the name of Shaikh Najmudeen Isfahani – may Allah be pleased with him –began to smile. When the people asked him the reason for this, he replied that when the person started to read the Talkeen, the person in the grave began to declare, “Is it not strange that the ones who are dead are reading for those who are alive.”