Download PDF: [S] The Call of the RIver

Hadrat Sayyiduna Ka’ab Al Ahbaar – may Allah be pleased with him – narrates:


There was once a person among the Bani Israeel who, even though made Taubah, became guilty of adultery once again. He went to a nearby river to make Ghusal and as he entered this river, the river declared, “Do you have no shame and honour. Did you not make a promise that you would never commit this sin again?”


When he heard these words, he immediately went away from the river and began to say to himself, “From this moment onwards, I will never disobey my Creator.”


He was also crying and regretting his actions. He then started to run towards a certain mountain. When he arrived in a certain part of this mountain, he noticed that there were twelve people there who were busy in the Ibadah of Allah Almighty. This person also joined these pious people in Ibadah.


A few years later, there was a severe drought in this area and these people decided to walk around the mountain with the intention of finding some food. Coincidentally, they also walked past the same river which had spoken to this person years earlier. When this person saw this river, he mentioned to his companions, “I will not enter this river because there is someone there who knows about the sin which I had committed and therefore I am extremely embarrassed.” After saying this, he stood on one side.


When the rest of his companions approached the river, a voice was heard asking them, “O pious people! Where is your companion?”


His companions replied, “He told to us that there is someone in the river who is aware of his sins and because of this, he is too embarrassed to approach you.”


The river replied, “Glory be to Allah Almighty! If there is a friend of yours who commits a mistake and then sincerely apologies for his mistake and also promises never to commit this mistake again, will you not accept the apology of this person? Your friend had also made sincere Taubah and busied himself with the Dhikr of Allah. Therefore, there is no a pact between him and Creator and I am also happy and satisfied with this. Go and call him to me and also busy yourself with the Ibadah of Allah Almighty in one corner of this area.”


They then conveyed this good news to their companion and all of them together busied themselves in the Dhikr of Allah.


A short while later, this person passed away. After he had passed away, the river declared, “O pious people! Bring this person to me and allow his body to be washed in my water and also bury him on one side of me so that on the Day of Judgement, he can arise from this spot.”


His companions then did as they were told. After they had buried him, they spent the entire night next to his grave making the Dhikr of Allah.


After the Sehri, they dozed off. When they awoke, they were shocked to see that around the blessed grave of this person there were twelve fir trees which had suddenly appeared from nowhere. It is mentioned that these were the first fir trees to appear on earth. (Allah knows best). All of them also understood that these trees had appeared for their benefit and that they should continue to remain at this spot and continue to make the Ibadah of Allah Almighty. As each one of them passed away, they were buried next to the first person.


After explaining this story, the eminent companion also admits that the old people among the Bani Israeel used to also visit these graves and seek spiritual blessing. (Uyunul Hikaayah)