Download PDF: [S] The Awliyah had no Pride

It is reported that once a person named Waasili presented himself in the blessed court of Hadrat Shah Sulayman Tunsawi – may Allah be pleased with him. He said to the eminent Saint, “I have travelled extensively in both the Arab and non-Arab countries but I have not found someone like you. You are someone who even gives away his horse, his camel and other animals and all types of monies to others and even grain and food. You also hand over medication to those who are ill and also deliver those who are misguided towards guidance.”


When Hadrat Shah Sulayman Tunsawi – may Allah be pleased with him – heard these words, he replied, “Listen carefully to my words. When I came to this place, I used to work for someone and this was someone who used to also give me food. However, there was a very ferocious dog at this door. The floor of his house was also higher than the floor of the Masjid. I used to see that if there was no dog at his front door, I used to then go and collect my Wazifah. If there was a dog at the front door, then it meant that I stayed hungry the entire day. I am exactly the same person, however Almighty Allah has blessed me with this status and position.”


From this we come to realise that the Awliyah never once displayed self-conceit or self-praise. Even though they had a lofty status, they also made sure that they praise Almighty Allah before anything else. There was no self-praise in their words.


One day, someone presented eleven hundred rupees in Hadrat Shah Sulayman Tunsawi’s – may Allah be pleased with him – court. The moment he received these monies, he called the ‘Ulama, the Faqeers, the orphans and the other destitute of the city and distributed all of this among them. There was only one rupee which remained in his pocket. When morning arrived, he called his khadim, Akram, and said to him, “Last night, I could not sleep because by mistake, one rupee remained in my pocket.” Hadrat Shah Sulayman Tunsawi – may Allah be pleased with him – then took this one rupee and handed it to the khadim.


Whenever people used to present any food or fruit, he never kept anything for himself and always handed this to others who were present. As a matter of fact, he was always busy in the remembrance of Almighty Allah. In fact, he was sometimes so immersed in the Dhikr of Almighty Allah that he never used to even remember the number of rak’ah in various Salaah including even Jumu’ah. (Naafi’us Saalikeen)


It is also mentioned that at one time, there were no less than five hundred needy people in Hadrat Shah Sulayman Tunsawi’s – may Allah be pleased with him – court. He used to take care of their clothing and food, even though there was no set income that seem to come from anywhere. All of these things used to come from the unknown and there was never a poor person who left empty-handed. At the same time, if there was any expensive item which reached his court, he used to immediately sell this and distribute this among the poor. Whatever clothes the poor used to wear, that is the same clothing which he used to wear and whatever they eat, he also eat the same food.