Download PDF: [S] The Awliya visit the Haram Shareef

Hadrat Sayyiduna Abdul Aziz Ahwaazi – may Allah be pleased with him – narrates from Hadrat Sayyiduna Sahl bin Abdullah – may Allah be pleased with him – that, “There is no doubt that for a Wali of Allah Almighty to mix freely with people in most cases is a cause for disgrace and humiliation. To refrain from the company of people is also a means respect.


“There are very few Awliya who did not adopt seclusion. Among these eminent Saints was Hadrat Sayyiduna Abdullah bin Saleh – may Allah be pleased with him. He was certainly someone who was blessed with immense Divine Favour. He used to stay very far from people and because of this, he was sometimes in this city and sometimes in another city.


“Finally, he arrived in Mecca Shareef and decided to live in this blessed city. I was aware that he never stayed long in any city and when I noticed that he had remained in Mecca Shareef for many days, I approached him and asked, ‘You certainly do not stay in any city for a long period. Why have you remained in Mecca Shareef for so long?’


“He replied, ‘Why should I not stay in such a blessed city? I have not seen any city in the world in which so much of Divine Grace and Blessing descends every minute. I also have the wish to live in a city in which the Angels descend every morning and evening. Without doubt, there are amazing things which are seen in this blessed city. The Angels also make the Tawaaf of the Ka’ba in different disguises. If I were to explain some of the amazing things which I have seen in this blessed city, many people would not even believe it.’


“I then asked him to reveal certain things to me. He replied, ‘That person who is blessed with the status of Wilaayat, arrives in this blessed city every Thursday evening. He is never ignorant of this important duty. I am only present in this blessed city to be able to meet some of these blessed servants of Allah Almighty. I once saw Maalik bin Qaasim Jabali and he had a bunch of dates in his hand. I then asked him whether he was eating in this blessed place, he replied, ‘I seek refuge in Allah Almighty I have not eaten for many weeks.  I was actually busy feeding my mother these dates and have arrived in the Haram Shareef to join the Fajr Salaah.’”


Hadrat Sayyiduna Abdullah bin Saleh – may Allah be pleased with him – also mentions that this eminent Saint used to stay nearly two thousand one hundred miles away from the Haram. In other words, he used to arrive in the Haram Shareef in the blink of an eye. Such are the qualities and attributes of these eminent Saints who arrive in the Haram Shareef on Thursday evening. (Uyunul Hikaayah)