Download PDF: [S] The Accusation of Hindah

The daughter of Utbah was Hindah. Not only was she very beautiful but also extremely rich as well. Hind had a thousand animals each from different domestic species. Such was her wealth. She is reported to also have had one thousand slaves. Hind also had a special box which was filled with jewels and other priceless objects.


Her husband was a young man from the Quraish named Faaqiha bin Mughayrah. They were noted for their hospitality. People used to enter their residence without any restriction or Pardah. One day, Faaqiha went out of Mecca Shareef on some errand. One of his friends visited his house while he was out. When this friend entered his house and saw that Hindah was alone, out of shame, he decided to leave without meeting her.


As he was leaving, Faaqiha was also returning and when he saw his friend leaving his house, he suddenly had immense doubt in his wife. They started to argue and he told her that she should go to the house of her father. This was a form of indirect Talaq.


This then became a great rumour among the local people and finally, it reached the ears of her father Utbah. Her father then approached her and said, “There are people who making all types of rumours about you and I am also hearing this from all quarters. Therefore, please reveal the truth to me. If what the people are saying is true, then I will send someone to have Faaqiha killed. In this manner, you will be free of him. If this news is false, then we will approach a fortune teller from Yemen who will reveal the falsehood of Faaqiha and it will also become clear to everyone that you are indeed innocent.”


Hindah swore that she was completely innocent.


Utbah also sent a message to Faaqiha that he should also meet them at the residence of this fortune teller so that the truth could be revealed and his daughter could be spared this humiliation.


Both parties then left with their own delegation towards the residence of this fortune teller. However, on the road, Utbah noticed that the complexion of his daughter had completely changed and he asked her the reason for this. She replied, “I have certainly never committed this which I am been accused of. However, we are approaching someone who sometimes makes mistakes and sometimes, he is correct. Therefore, there is no safety in this decision. Perhaps, he might even make a decision that I had indeed committed something which I did not do.”


However, her father mentioned that she should not worry and that he had a way of testing this person. He then placed some grain in a secret area of a horse he was riding and decided that he would first ask this person what he had hidden in this and where exactly he had hidden this item.


When they approached the fortune teller, he first revealed exactly what they had hidden and he also revealed the private area where they had hidden this grain.


They even decided to test him with the identity of the female who had come to seek his decision. As he began around to each female, his hands pointed at Hindah and he mentioned that this was the female who had come with the problem. He then placed his hand on her shoulders and declared, “You are certainly not an adulteress and very soon, you will also give birth to a King”.


This news spread like wild Fire around the people and Faaqiha also came forward to embrace Hindah. However, in a fit of anger and derision, she shunned him and said that she would never return to him and that she would marry someone else so that this future King could be born from his loins. She continued to remain adamant in this decision of hers until she later on married Abu Sufyan. It is from this marriage that Hadrat Sayyiduna Ameer Mu’awiyah – may Allah be pleased with him – was born who was to become the first King in Islam. Such was his power that during his rule, the Muslim empire stretched from the East to the West.