Download PDF: [S] His son turned out to be a Great Scholar

Furukh used to live in Madina Shareef and was something who was extremely fond of Jihad.


This incident also happened during the era of the Ummayad Dynasty. There was Jihad taking place at the border in Khurasaan and there was a great need for Mujaahideen. Furukh then asked his wife that he needed to leave for Jihad.


His wife said to him, “Yes, you may go willingly for Jihad, but you also need to remember that in a few months, you will also become a father.”


Furukh had taken part in many battles and he explained to his wife the importance of Jihad. He mentioned to her that he was leaving three thousand Dinaars for her so that she could take care of herself and the child which was going to be born to them.


Furukh then travelled for Jihad but time went by very fast. He was thinking of his young baby but could not leave the battlefield. This was that time when the Muslims were travelling even further into Asia and very soon Samarkhand, Bukhara, etc. were under the control of the Muslims. It is said that he remained away from home for nearly twenty seven years and did not realise it.


Finally, one day, Furukh returned to Madina Shareef. He was riding a horse and was holding a spear in one hand. He then tapped the front door of his house and tied his horse in the usual stable. However, as he entered the house, he found a young man standing inside.


When the young man saw Furukh, obviously he did not know who it was and asked him, “O enemy of Allah! How come you have entered my house without my permission?”


Furukh replied, “I am not an enemy of Islam, it seems that you are an enemy of Islam for being in my house with my wife.”


He then grabbed the young and began to scream at him. The neighbours also gathered when they heard what was happening and some of them rushed to go and call Hadrat Sayyiduna Imam Malik – may Allah be pleased with him – and other eminent people in Madina Shareef. They all came rushing to protect and save the young man.


This young man was none other than Hadrat Sayyiduna Rabeeha Ar Raa’i – may Allah be pleased with him – one of the great scholars of Islam. In fact, he used to also teach people in the blessed Masjid and many eminent scholars of the day also attended his classes.


They began to accuse each and nearly came to blows when Hadrat Sayyiduna Imam Malik – may Allah be pleased with him – suddenly appeared. Due to his status and eminence, the people moved away from his path. He said to this person that perchance this house did not belong to him and that perhaps he had mistaken the actual address.


However, the person replied that this was his house and that his name was Furukh. At that time also, his wife heard his name and came running. She then said that this was actually her husband and that Rabeeha was actually his son.


When this was revealed to everyone, obviously the father and son were extremely glad to finally meet each other. Furukh was also very happy to see that his son had grown up strong and healthy.


After he ate and rested, Furukh asked his wife, “Before I had left, I had given you some money. What happened to this money and what did you spend it on?”


His wife mentioned that she had buried this money and that she would return it to him in a few days.


By that time, his blessed son had gone to the Masjid and had started delivering his lessons. In fact, in these lessons such eminent scholars as Hadrat Sayyiduna Imam Malik, Imam Hasan bin Zaid Malik – may Allah be pleased with them – and other giants of Islam were also sitting.


Furukh then decided to go to the blessed Masjid to complete his Salaah. When he entered the Masjid, he noticed that there giants in the Masjid who were sitting around his son. In fact, at first he did not notice his son because he had his head and neck covered. Because of this, he decided to sit in the same classes and asked someone what was the name of the person who was teaching. The person replied that this Imam Rabeeha bin Abdur Rahman Malik – may Allah be pleased with him.


When he heard these words, he mentioned to himself, “All Praise is due to Allah who has given my son such an eminent status.”


He then returned home and said to his wife, “I have seen our son in such a position which is given to very few people.”


His wife then asked him, “Inform me, is the three thousand Dinaars more important to you or the immense state in which you see your son?”


He replied, “Certainly, the status of knowledge far surpasses the status of money.”


His wife then revealed to him, “I now reveal to you that all of these monies was spent on your son and his Islamic education.”


When he heard this statement, he declared, “I swear by Allah that you did not waste the money.” (Sayr)


Allama Zehbi – may Allah be pleased with him –has reported from Ibn Sa’ad that Imam Rabeeha Ar Raa’i – may Allah be pleased with him – passed away in Madina Shareef in 136 A.H.