Download PDF: [S] Sustenance from the Unseen

Hadrat Sayyiduna Ayub Hamaal – may Allah be pleased with him – narrates:


There was once a young man in our community who was very pious. He was also very famous for his spiritual penitence and Ibadah. He never used to take anything from anyone. Whenever, he wanted food, he used to find a container in front of him which used to appear mysteriously. In this manner, he used to make Ibadah day and night and this sustenance from the Unseen used to appear to him all the time.


One day, some people approached him and said, “O young man! You should be afraid of accepting this box of food. Perhaps it is something which comes from the Satan and he is doing this merely to deceive you.”


However, he replied, “My attention is towards the Divine Mercy of the Allah Almighty. I do not seek anything from anyone besides Him. When my Creator bestows sustenance upon me, I accept it willingly. Even if this box is from my ardent enemy, the Satan, what harm is it to me? Perhaps this enemy of mine has become subservient to me. And if this is the case, then Allah Almighty has made this enemy of mine, my servant. What can be better than this that my greatest enemy has now become my official servant? In fact, you should think of it in this manner. Perhaps, Allah Almighty is bestowing sustenance upon me through this enemy of mine and there is no doubt that Allah Almighty is the Divine Being Who bestows sustenance upon the entire creation.”


When the people heard this statement, they all remained silent and they understood that this person was receiving sustenance from the Unseen.


There is no doubt that a person who dedicates his entire life for the Ibadah of Allah, Allah Almighty protects him against all wordily worries and concerns. At the same time, when a person continues to serve Allah Almighty, Allah Almighty creates means and ways of that person receiving his sustenance. (Uyunul Hikaayah)