Download PDF: [S] She was Cured by a Young Saint

Hadrat Sayyiduna Yahya bin Jalaad – may Allah be pleased with him – narrates:


I heard my father explain, “I once approached the eminent Saint, Hadrat Sayyiduna Ma’ruf Kharkhi – may Allah be pleased with him – when a certain person appeared and asked him, ‘O Abu Mahfuz! (this was his title), last night, indeed I saw a very strange thing.’


The great Saint asked him to explain what he had seen.


He explained, ‘My family had the urge to eat fish. I went to the bazaar. I then purchased the fish and employed a small boy to carry this fish home for me. He walked with me towards my residence. However, on the road, we heard the Adhan for Zohar and this boy said to me, ‘O Respected Sir! Will you not read your Salaah?’ It was as if he had awakened me from a deep sleep. I replied that indeed I would like to read the Salaah.

He then left the container in which the fish was at the entrance of the Masjid and entered the Masjid. I then said to myself that this young child was prepared to sacrifice this fish for the sake of Salaah, surely, if anyone took it away, I should not complain.


The young boy then continued to read his Salaah until the moment of Iqaamah. After the Fard Salaah, he performed a few extra Salaah and when we left the Masjid, I noticed that the container in which was the fish was still in its original place. No one had stolen the container.


When I reached home and mentioned this to my family, they asked me that I should go back to the market place and call this young boy to join us when we are having this fish. When I approached the young boy, he said that he was fasting. I said to him that this was no problem, he could join us so that he could also make this his Iftaar.


He accepted my invite to come home. When we reached home, he asked me to show him where the local Masjid was. When I showed him where the local Masjid was, he went to the Masjid and spent the rest of the day in the Masjid.


When we had completed the Maghrib Salaah, I said to him, ‘Please come to my house’.


However, he said that he wanted to complete the ‘Isha Salaah and would come to my house.


After ‘Isha Salaah, I brought him to my house. My house had three rooms. One belonged to me and my wife, in the second room, my twenty year old daughter used to sleep in who was completely paralysed. The third room was kept for guests.


In the middle of the night while I was still talking to my wife, we heard someone knocking on the front door. I asked who it was and from outside, I heard someone tell me, “I am your daughter”.


I then said, “But she is paralysed and has been laying on her bed for nearly twenty years and is merely a bunch of flesh and bones. She cannot even walk.”


However, the girl from outside shouted, “I am the same daughter, please open the door.”


When I opened the door, I was shocked to see that it was daughter of mine who had been paralysed all these years. She was standing on her own two feet and looked quite normal. I then asked her how she had become well. She then revealed to me. “I had heard you speaking good words about this young boy and also about his noble character. When I heard this, I said to myself perhaps I should use the blessed name of this young boy in the Divine Court of Allah Almighty so that I become well. With the result, I made Du’a to Allah, ‘O Allah! Through the Sadqah of the greatness of our guest, please remove my illness and bless me with good health.’ No sooner had I completed this Du’a when I suddenly stood up straight as you are now seeing me.’


When I heard these amazing words, I went to the room where this young boy was sleeping. However, I could not find him in his room and the door was still locked as if no one had stayed there during the night.


After listening to this amazing miracle, Hadrat Sayyiduna Ma’ruf Kharkhi – may Allah be pleased with him – replied, ‘Yes, the Awliyah are found in different age groups. Some are younger and some older (and this young boy was also among them).’” (Ar Rouad Al Faa’iq)


All Praise is due to Allah Almighty. How great indeed are those who have worshipped Allah Almighty not for the purpose of achieving Jannah or saving themselves from Hell, but strictly for His Divine Pleasure. Those are the people who are blessed with the Nur of Ma’rifah. They are the blessed Muslims who remain awake at night and in the morning, they make Du’a for everyone. This is why it is mentioned that on the Friends of Allah Almighty, there is no fear or sadness as explained in Surah Yunus.