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It is reported that the Khalifah at that time, Mutawakkil billah Abbasi, was an ardent enemy of the Ahlul Bayt and he was also considered a Khaariji of his era. In 232 A.H., in his immense hatred for the Ahlul Bayt, he destroyed the graves of Imam Husain – may Allah be pleased with him – and the graves of the other martyrs of Karbala. In other words, there was no sign to be seen of where the blessed graves once were. He also prohibited people from going to Karbala.


Eventually, in his time, Karbala became a lifeless and barren area. There is no doubt that the Muslims in the world at that time were extremely angry and furious at these actions but they also understood that it was useless to fight against such a powerful ruler. This was indeed a very difficult period for the Muslims. However, this did not stop the Muslims from placing banners on the walls and other public places and even poets came forward to read poems which disgraced this ruler but it seemed to have had no effect on him at all. However, during his rule, such immense natural events which took place which should have been a lesson to this person but it created no difference to him at all.


  1. In 238, the Romans attacked an area called Dimyaat and completely destroyed the city and took many Muslim prisoners.


  1. In 240, there was such a severe lightning storm in a place called ‘Alaat that many people died in this storm. And at the same time, there was such a huge hail storm that the hail itself were the size of eggs. In the western part of the country, three cities disappeared.


  1. In 241, on most part of the night, there were falling stars and people began to see such frightening events that they could find it hard to forget in the long term.


  1. In 232, there was a huge earthquake which caused even some of the mountains to collapse. Many parts of the earth were split apart and huge caves suddenly appeared. Large boulders also began to fly around. In fact, there was also a great shift in the movement of the earth. There was a strange creature which appeared in Halb asking people to fear Allah. It appeared for two days in a row and shouted at people nearly forty times a day. In later years, the written testimony of nearly five hundred people were collected.


  1. In 245, a massive earthquake again took place in the city and many buildings were destroyed. In fact, in the city of Antioch a single side of one mountain actually fell into the sea. Frightening sounds were also heard coming from the heavens. There was also the same sound which was heard in Egypt. Many people also died when they heard these sounds. Many wells in Mecca Shareef suddenly dried up.


  1. Finally, in 247, his own son plotted his murder. It is reported that one night while he was enjoying himself with a few friends in drinking and play, five assassins entered his chamber and had him killed. (Taarikh Al Khulafah)