Download PDF: [S] Result of Disobedience to Mother

Hadrat Sayyiduna Abu Hazim – may Allah be pleased with him – narrates that someone narrated this frightening story to him. This person narrates:


One night, I was travelling on a journey and night approached. I decided to rest for the night. However, this place was extremely frightful and one could not see a house anywhere near. However, in the distance, I could see a small light and realised that someone was in this house. When I reached this house, I greeted the people aloud so that they could hear my voice. A young female and an old lady appeared from the house. I asked them whether they had anything to eat and the young female replied, “We swear by Allah, we have nothing in our house to be able to feed you. We also do not have any animal which we could slaughter and prepare some food for you.” I then asked them how they survived in this barren place and they mentioned that they relied on kind hearted travellers to help them along.


I then left these people and decided to find a place to sleep away from the house. However, during the middle of the night, I could hear the sound of a donkey and it kept making noises the entire night. I swear by Allah Almighty that this sound kept me awake the entire night.


In the morning, I decided to go and visit this place where the sounds of this donkey was coming from and when I arrived at this place, I was certainly shocked by what I saw. There was a grave in front of me and in this grave there was a donkey which was half buried.


When I saw this, I ran from this place and approached the house where the two females were staying. I asked them what this was all about and they mentioned that it was better that I never ask the question. However, I insisted on finding out the real background to this strange and frightening scene.


The young female replied, “If you wish to listen then we will tell you the actual secret. We swear by Allah Almighty that the donkey which you saw was my husband and the son of this old lady. I also admit that this husband of mine used to worry his mother a lot. In fact, I have never seen someone as disobedient to his mother as this person. Whenever his mother gave him advice, he used to scream, ‘Get out from here. The only thing that you do is scream like a donkey.’ Eventually, his mother used to tell him to go because he was not prepared to listen to her. One day, his mother became so fed up that she cursed him and told him that Allah Almighty would eventually make him into a donkey for saying such words to her. After he died, I swear by that Divine Creator Who cares for us in this barren land, when we had placed him in his grave, he turned into a donkey. In this manner, from that moment onwards, he continues to scream in his grave like a donkey and this sound is heard every night coming from his grave.’” May Allah protect us. (Uyunul Hikaayah)


How unfortunate is that person who continues to insult his mother even though she might be only advising him against doing any evil or bad deed. In fact, the lesson which this person received is something which becomes a sign for future generations. In fact, sometimes the state of the person in the grave becomes visible to others so that they can also learn a lesson from what they see. There is no doubt that the status of the parents are indeed very lofty in Islam. The Holy Prophet – may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him – has commanded us to respect our parents and to treat them with kindness.


In fact, the anger of the parents earns the Divine Wrath of Allah Almighty. We are commanded in the Qur’an not to even utter a single word which displays disrespect to one’s parents. We make Du’a that Allah Almighty gives all of us the power to take care of our parents and also to show respect towards them. Ameen.