Download PDF: [S] Refuses to enter palace

It is mentioned that the grandson of Mujaddid Alif Thani – may Allah be pleased with him – was noted for his immense piety and strict followance of the Shari’ah. People actually gave him the title of “Mohyus Sunnah”. In other words, someone who had revitalized the Sunnah. His eminent father, Khawaja Masum Sirhindi – may Allah be pleased with him – had given him the title of “Muh tasibul Ummah”.


One day, Sultan Aurangzheb Alamgheeri invited this Saint to his palace and humbly requested him to attend this gathering. This Saint accepted this invite as an act of Sunnah. However, when he neared the gate of the palace, he noticed a few bricks on the wall which had carvings of human figures. He stood at the door and did not enter. He then sent a message to the Sultan that as long as there are pictures present, he will never enter this palace.


When Sultan Auranghzheb Alamgheer heard about this, he immediately ordered that all of these blocks be broken and only then, did this Saint enter the palace.


He passed away on the 19th of Jamaadi ul Awwal 1096 A.H. He was forty seven years old. His Mazaar Shareef is also in the city of Sirhind Shareef.


This is a special quality of the great Awliyah and they do not fear any person whether he is someone who is in power or not. They always stand for the truth and never compromise on this. It is a tragedy that today we find so called ‘Ulama who would not even correct someone who has false beliefs leave alone false habits. This is the reason that people generally treat the ‘Ulama as nothing but a joke.