Download PDF: [S] Pious Lady lives in Seclusion (Islamic story)

Hadrat Sayyiduna Abu Bakr bin Abdullah – may Allah be pleased with him – narrates that, “One day, I was walking around the uninhabited areas of Iraq for quite a number of days in a lost state. I could not see anyone who I could make my friend and acquaintance. While walking, I saw a tent which resembled a tent belonging to an Arab. At the entrance of this tent, there was a veil. I then made Salaam and from inside the tent, an old lady asked me, ‘Where have you come from?’


“I replied that I had come from Mecca Shareef. She then asked me where I was going to and I replied that I was going to Syria. After hearing this, she said, ‘I see that you are walking around aimlessly like those who walk around aimlessly. You should stay at one place and make the Zikr of Allah Almighty until the moment of death approaches. You should also look at the food which you consume, if it is Halaal, it would create Nur within you.’


“She then asked, ‘Are you able to read the Qur’an?’


“I replied that I could and she requested me to read the last verse in Surah Furqan. When I recited this verse, she screamed and then fell unconscious.


“When she regained consciousness, she remarked, ‘When you had recited this verse, every hair on my being stood up.’


“She then requested me to read this verse again and the same thing happened to her which had occurred at first. I wanted to see whether she was still alive or had passed away, but I decided to leave the area. However, while I was half away in this valley, I saw a few people who looked like Arabs approaching me.


“Two young men approached me and they were also accompanied by a young lady. One of them asked me, ‘Have you returned from a certain tent?’ I replied that I had indeed came from the same place.


“They asked me again, ‘Did you recite the Qur’an in front of an old lady?’


“I replied that I had indeed done so.


“They then said, ‘By the Lord of the Ka’ba! She has passed away.’


I then accompanied these young people to the tent and when we arrived there, the young lady removed the cloth from the face of this old lady and we noticed that she had indeed passed away. I then asked the young lady who these young men were and she replied, ‘They are from the family Imam Jafer – may Allah be pleased with him – and this old lady is their sister. For three years, she had never spoken to anyone and when she was in this valley, she had been in seclusion and she had only eaten once in three days.’”


O Muslims! How long will you be immersed in the love and greed of this world and remain oblivious of doing good deeds. Think of these days as extremely valuable. Refrain from sin and transgression. Why is it that people continue to warn you and yet you to take no heed? We see that when these people walk on the path of piety, they completely divorce themselves from the path of ignorance and misguidance. When night appears, they continue to remember their Lord while others sleep. These are the true leaders of the Muslim community. (Ar Rouadul Faa’iq)